Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated

Have you ever felt like being to a place, you have never been before? Or maybe feel like knowing a person you have actually never come across? Then be prepared to hear why is it happening to you!

You must have heard about Dejavu. This means ‘already seen’. Dejavu may be happening due to many causes. Some say that it is due to scientific reasons like subconscious abilities of the mind or maybe past experiences and some say that it may be due to your past life connections.

There are people who have had a strong memory about their past lives. Some have also been proved. If you google you can find many such astonishing examples. So, it is very much possible that you may also remember some of your past life happenings. Check out the symptoms!


Certain Dreams repeat many times


signs of reincarnation


Dreams are usually a part of what we actually think. But, if there are dreams which are recurring then it has some connection. Many people claim to have experienced certain events, seen certain people or gone to other places in their dreams that feel extremely familiar and recognizable.


Memories which you actually never had


signs of reincarnation


Remembering something in detail which has never actually happened in your current life suggest an incident from your past life.


Taste, smell, sound and sight


signs of reincarnation


Certain smells, taste or music makes you remember your experiences. This happens with almost everyone. But if a certain smell, sight, sound or taste seems extremely similar but actually is your first encounter then it comes from your past life.


You have a great sense of understanding – an empath.


signs of reincarnation


If your capacity to apprehend the mental or emotional state of an individual is quite good then take it for granted that you have been through a number of reincarnations. As said, perfection comes with experience! The same applies to being an empath as well. A person can understand another person only if he has gone through the same or a similar situation.


Maturity is your identification


signs of reincarnation


You have an old soul! You have the ability to behave exactly according to the situation. You are never too reserved nor too outspoken for any condition. Your decisions are always looked upon to and you are referred to be a knowledgeable person.


An unknown force of attraction


signs of reincarnation


It may happen that if you come across some kind of a place, culture, situation or time then that must be the whole thing you will be desiring. Certain places or situations will be your ultimate favorite but you may not know why and may also not relate to it with your current nature. This suggests that your soul is still longing for some past life situation.


Unexplained Fears may exist


signs of reincarnation


Every person has a fear and it is created only after the person experiences something that bad. Many researchers say that some people who have reincarnated may still be able to experience the echoes of their past life traumas. For example, some may have a phobia of fear to height.


Life if received also has to go one day. There are many theories about life after death, reincarnation, past lives and much more. We can just keep on wondering and dig into the truth. There are more mysteries hidden than what we have even imagined!


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