Sita Navami – Get The Blessings To Be An Ideal Wife!

Sita Navami is the day that celebrates the birth of this extraordinary personality Mata Sita. It is also known as Janki Jayanti or Janki Navami. This festival is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Navami of Vaishakha month. Even Lord Ram was born on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Hence according to the Hindu calendar, Sita Jayanti falls after one month of Ram Navami.

Sita Navami
Also CalledJanki Jayanti
TithiVaishakha Shukla Navami
2022 DateTuesday, 10 May
2023 DateFriday, 29 April
2024 DateMonday, 16 May
SignificanceBirthday Of Goddess Sita
DeityMata Sita & Lord Ram
ObservancesPuja, Vrat, Havan, Dana & Ramayana Katha
Sita Navami

Goddess Sita – is the most adorable, influential, and powerful female character of the entire Indian Mythology. Her tales and stories of being a dedicated and loving wife, mother, and daughter are awe-inspiring. She can be said as the perfect idol for all women.

Sita Navami 2022 Date and Muhurat

2022 Sita Navami Date: Tuesday, 10 May
Tithi: Sukla Paksha Navami of Vaishakha Month

Sita Navami Madhyahna Muhurat – 10:57 AM to 01:39 PM
Duration – 02 Hours 42 Mins
Sita Navami Madhyahna Moment – 12:18 PM

Navami Tithi Begins – 06:32 PM on May 09, 2022
Navami Tithi Ends – 07:24 PM on May 10, 2022

A walk through the Life of Goddess Sita

Sita Navami

The king of Mithila –‘ Janaka’ was once plowing the land to conduct a Yajna and he found a baby girl in the Golden casket. This girl was none other than Goddess Sita who is also known as Janaki. She soon became famous as a very beautiful and lovely princess. Many strong warriors came to attempt to bend Shiva’s bow – the condition of Sita’s Swayambar. No one succeeded of course! Rama easily took the bow and did not only bend it but snapped it into many pieces! Rama wed Sita and she became the wife of the great Lord Shri Ram.

They faced many challenges after marriage. Due to in-home politics and the selfishness of other family members; Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana had to leave for many years of exile. They lived a life of nomads and also created history. Many obstacles came their way among which the abduction of Goddess Sita by Ravana was the worst. Lord Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, and their troop fought with the Asura King Ravana and brought back the Goddess.

After returning the people of Ayodhya raised questions about the purity of the Goddess as she had spent many nights in the kingdom of Lanka. This made Rama also answer the queries of his kingdom. Goddess Sita first stayed away from her husband and raised her kids Luv and Kush in an ashram and then sacrificed herself to mother earth by sinking into the deeps of the earth.

Mata Sita is said to be the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu. Sita is known for her self-sacrifice, dedication, purity, and courage. She is also known as a mortal or mother of gods and all living beings. The worshippers are blessed with growth, intelligence, and prosperity. Goddess Sita symbolizes purity and fertility. The married women keep fast on this day for the long life of their husband

Puja Vidhi & Rituals

Sita Navami
Sita Navami 2021
  • Arrangements are made for a puja mandap with four pillars.
  • Idols of King Janak, Mata Sunayana God Ram and Mata Sita are placed.
  • Ingredients like Til, rice, and barley are used.
  • Vrat Katha and the life story of Goddess Sita are read during the puja.
  • Women keep fast are to ensure the long, happy, and prosperous life of their husbands.
  • People do pooja of Lord Rama and Mata Sita together to get a married life like them. Those who perform this vrat are said to get qualities like modesty, sacrifice, dedication, and motherhood.
  • At places like Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh, Sita Samahit Sthal in Bihar, and Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, this festival is given lots of importance.
  • In temples, Darshan, Arati, and Maha-Abhishek are performed. Yatra is done by making idols of Maa Sita, Lord Rama Hanuman, and Lakshmana.
  • Ramayana is read by sitting in groups in the nearby temple. Bhajan Kirtan and aartis are done on this occasion as well.

Mantra To Chant On Sita Navami

Sita Navami

ताटम मण्डलविभूषितगण्डभागां,

ध्यायेद् विदेहतनयां शशिगौरवर्णाम्।।

Amazing facts about Goddess Sita

The Puranas say that Devi Sita was, in reality, the daughter of Ravana and Mandodari. According to predictions, the firstborn of Mandodari was said to be the cause of the destruction of his entire existence. Hence, Ravana had abandoned her and ordered the child to be buried away in a distant land, which was then discovered by King Janak and his wife to be raised as the princess of Mithila.

Sita Navami

Another story goes that she was probably an incarnation of Vedvati, whom Ravan had tried to molest while she was under penance. Vedvati was a beautiful lady and wanted to become the consort of Lord Vishnu. She then cursed Ravana to become the cause of his destruction in her next birth.

Another very interesting fact mentioned in some versions of Ramayana is of Maya Sita (Devi Sita’s illusionary version). According to these, it was Maya Sita who was actually abducted by Ravana, whereas the real Sita took refuge with the fire god Agni. She was living in the abode of Goddess Parvati and then returned to Lord Ram after the war got over. Maya Sita is then said to have been reborn as Draupadi in her next life.

Sita Navami

Sita had certain miraculous powers. While playing with her sisters she had unknowingly moved the table over which the “Shiva Dhanush” had been placed; which was something no one in the palace could do. This incident made King Janaka decide that the ‘Shiva Dhanush’ would be the challenge for her Swayambar.

There is also a narration about Sita’s brother Bhamandala. He did not know that Sita was his sister to marry her. He even wanted to abduct her. This story ends when Bhamandala, after learning that Sita is his sister, becomes a Jain ascetic.


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