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Stree Story : The Untold Story of an Ultimate Power

Stree Story : The Untold Story of an Ultimate Power

What do you think when you hear the word ‘woman’ or ‘ Stree (Stri) ’? May be an adult human female person who is associated with a particular place/activity/occupation such as-a female (Stree) worker, an employee or else probably a man’s wife, girlfriend, a lover etc.

However, if we talk about present’s scenario, a woman or a stree (stri) is all about responsibility, strength, power, independence, confidence kindness and patience. Once Shakespeare said:

Frailty: Thy name is Woman!!

In present context, this quote should be modified thus-

Responsibility:  Thy name is Woman!!

Stree Story


WOMAN Stree (Stri)’ word itself shows means With Out (WO) MAN.

Let’s talk a bit about- WOMAN word which itself means With Out (WO) MAN.

Yes, it’s truly said- a woman Stree (Stri)’can lead her life nicely without someone’s help and support. For the reason that a Stri (Stree) or a woman is the real architect of society and thus famed as the true backbone of humankind. It’s a total myth that a woman or Stri (Stree) needs a man to live a life, lead a life and succeed in life. On the contrary, people say- Behind every Successful Man, there is a Woman (stree). Some may mumble that it is absolutely ridiculous and others might find it partially correct. Nevertheless, the world at large, accepts this incredible fact that a woman Stri (Stree) is the strongest among all human-beings, because

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– A woman or Stri (Stree) converts a house into home.

– A woman or Stri (Stree) fights with her demons and wear her wounds/scars like wings.

– A woman or Stri (Stree) is supposed to be away from her in-built natural temperament but to adjust according to others (her husband, children and in laws) throughout her life.

– A woman or Stri (Stree) who will not give up on her dreams regardless of how many hurdles/difficulties stand in her way.

-Words like chirpiness, sportiveness, mischievousness, joviality, conviviality, hobbledehoy-hood etc which are the various dimensions of a girl, sound hollow after her transformation into a stri (stree) or a woman.

– A woman or Stri (Stree) is the one who values herself and fights for what she believes in.

Stree Story

It is not easy to be a stree (stri), each strong woman should be proud of themselves. One needs to sacrifice all things such as- joys, toys, dreams, hopes, aspirations, ambitions and almost everything, which she had as a girl.

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