Sun Signs Compatibility Status

The relationship between people depends on many factors. Establishing a successful love life has become difficult nowadays for many reasons. It is advised that we should follow the predictions made by astrologers regarding the Zodiac sign compatibility. Following this will ensure a better relationship with less hardships and struggle. Below mentioned are the relationship status of every zodiac sign with all the rest. Check it out now and plan how will you handle your love relationships.

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Aries Compatibility Status


aries sun sign compatibility


Aries are a bunch of passionate lovers. They tend to give anything to the person they love without a second thought. They prefer taking decisions and do not like their partner being the lead. Aries are highly sexual as well. They tend to be very faithful in a relationship but start looking elsewhere ones the love begins to fade.


Taurus Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


People born under the sign of Taurus belong to the faithful category. Though they are a bit stubborn and do not prefer changes, still they happen to be the most wanted lovers. In a relationship, they are sensual, affectionate and possessive.


Gemini Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


Geminis have a unique ability to understand and act exactly how the other person desires. For them, romance is immensely intriguing and exciting as the Gemini lover has imagination and flair. However, they may not seem fully committed and can appear to be preoccupied.


Cancer Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


Cancers are a sign of home and family life. They tend to be extremely loyal and are very affectionate. In love, they prove to be devoted, protective and possessive lovers. Not known for their ability to forgive and forget, the emotional Crab feels most things very strongly, so don’t be the one to cross them!


Aquarius Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


Aquarians tend to be easygoing, loyal and kind. They are very attractive and are idealists and humanitarians at heart. In love they are stimulating, innovative and creative – faithful as long as they don’t feel fenced in.


Pisces Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


They react emotionally but are not afraid to break the rituals if needed. Creative and intensely imaginative, people under this mysterious sign are often successful artists, writers, and musicians. In love, romance is the way to this sign’s heart!

Leo Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


Leos are considered to be very inventive and interesting when it comes to love. They are playful and fun to be with. You will never get bored when you are in a relationship with Leo. They seem to be quite passionate and sensual in their relationships.


Virgo Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


Virgo’s like to bring order out of chaos and feel a need to justify their lives. In love, Virgo’s are a much-misunderstood sign. Outwardly they may appear calm and unreachable but this is a disguise. Underneath that cool facade, they are sensuous, passionate and cautious all at the same time.

Libra Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


Libras are the ones who love admiration. They respond readily to praise and flattery. In love they are imaginative and sensuous and will enchant and dazzle you with their charm – but beware if they become bored…they lose interest fast!


Scorpio Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


Scorpios are passionate lovers. They are caring about everything they become involved in. In love, they are very affectionate and loyal but also demanding and possessive.


Sagittarius Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


They are very sensitive, honest and can be easily hurt as well. Flirtatious and charming, this free spirit finds love passionate and challenging but domesticity is boring. The perfect playmate – but only as long as the game is worth playing!


Capricorn Compatibility Status


Sun sign compatibility


With a tendency to always test the loyalty of those closest to them, Capricorn has a great need to be loved and appreciated. If you can break through their cool exteriors, passions run deep and love will prove to be faithful and long lasting.


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