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Five Popular Hindu Temple Diwali Celebration 2018

Five Popular Hindu Temple Diwali Celebration 2018 Diwali celebration in temples gives someone the feeling of utter delight and a state of happiness. The temples...

Temples You Should Visit This Janmashtami

Krishna Janam Bhoomi Temple (Mathura) Krishna Janam Bhoomi is one of the holiest places for Sanatan Dharmas (Hindus). Krishna was born at midnight so the...

The Must See Temples Across River Ganga

The River Ganga is considered to be the most sacred water body in the entire existence. Indian Mythology, history, and culture everything is widely related...

Amazing reason – Why Hindu temples have bells!

We find all Hindu temples having metal bells at the entrance or inside the temple. We usually ring these bells before entering the temple...

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