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Lord Hanuman Favorites – Offerings To Please Hanuman Ji

Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped gods among Hindus. The devotees humbly pray to Hanuman Ji for strength and knowledge....

Why Lord Hanuman is known as Sankat Mochan

Hanuman Ji is called Sankat Mochan, let us know what is the reason behind Mahabali Hanuman's Sankat Mochan name.

Telugu Hanuman Jayanthi: An important day to venerate Lord Hanumana

Lord Hanuman: A superheroic representation of ‘strength’ and ‘energy’. The God, who is a divine embodiment of Spiritually- Matured Human Mind. He is a...

5 Secrets About Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman has been worshipped by all devotees who wish to gain strength and courage in their lives. He is probably one of the...

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