That Person Is From Your Past? Know Yes Or No!

Every soul takes rebirths and is said to have traveled many lives. The soul which resides within us is also experienced in its own ways. It happens many times that certain people or incidents seem quite familiar to us, even though that may be our first encounter. This phenomenon is also termed as “Dejavu”. Dejavu is a very common happening among everyone which leaves us wondering for a long time. After a lot of research, we have tried to resolve some of your past life doubts! Relate with what you had felt about the person at the first look and you may get your answers.

Table of Contents

Flash of recognition

Your soulmate

If you suddenly feel like you have witnessed certain activities or mannerism of a person very closely earlier, then that person may be a close relative or friend in your previous life. Activities as in, how they smile or laugh, by their habits or by their presence. It can be both positive as well as negative. If some activities of a particular person bring back discomfort in your memories then probably you had had a bad encounter with him/her.

Instant attraction

Your soulmate

Does that mean love at first sight? No! It means the comfort or pleasure you feel in the presence of a particular person and the weirdest of all is that it is your first encounter. You may experience a sudden sense of familiarity and comfort. It is possible that this person has been one of the closest relationships of your past life.

Pull of love

Your soulmate

This experience can be both disturbing as well as interesting. If you find yourself suddenly getting pulled towards an unknown person, then something is really fishy! The pull may inspire you to want to touch (hold hands, kiss, caress or hug). After getting apart, you may be left behind dedicating all the time thinking about that person. Such an experience for sure means that he/she was the love of your life in your previous birth.

A sense of danger or discomfort

Your soulmate

Sometimes it such happens that even if certain people are really good in their behavior, we get skeptical about our safety in their presence. When something like this happens with an unknown person then understand that there is a connection. You must have had a very bad experience with that soul in your previous life which is making you feel uncomfortable.

A gush of guilty conscience

Your soulmate

Seeing some person is making you feel guilty for nothing? Then, you must have been the villain for that person in your previous birth. It is possible that you must have directly or indirectly harmed the other soul.

A strong desire to speak to a person

Your soulmate

When you come across a new person and yet have a very strong desire to ask him something, and you still do not know what then it’s a signal. The situation would be like, you want to speak but you do not know what. Chances are there that you have an incomplete task with that soul in your previous birth.

There may be some other kind of situations faced by many. If you have come across something we have not mentioned here, then drop your situation in the comment below and we will try to resolve your query.


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