The Best Trick To Make Your Day Happy

Every other person desires for a heap of happiness in his/her life. Acquiring these happy feelings becomes quite difficult in the kind of lifestyle or era we live. Still, things are always in our hands. In whatever we do, planning forms the most vital base. Without planning, even moving a small stone goes wrong.

Planning is very important in anyone’s life to utilize the time in the proper manner. We can term planning according to the time period as:

Planning for 1 Year may imply Building a House: The most advanced planning required with diligence.

Planning for 10 Years may imply, planting a tree and its need for review and care.

Planning for Lifetime is like educating a person, as we plan for our own child education.

There may be inevitably unforeseen or unexpected incidents from day to day, we still need to make plans for our daily life and work as well.

Think in the morning for the Complete day plan: If we can plan what is first and what should be last then our goals or required achievements will be closer enough. Morning is when our mind is clearest. We can write in our notebook the things we have to complete that day and the plans which are needed to be finished.

Act During the day: Our elders say “ Don’t put off till tomorrow what can be done today. Don’t pass it to others what can be done by yourself.”

Planning for a day

Reflect in the evening: In every evening, we must cultivate the habit of self-reflection. “ What are the merits I have achieved today? What are the faults? Am I loyal in working for Others? Am I trustworthy in dealing with my friends? Do I practice what I teach others?

Planning for a day

Rest at Night: Night is the time to rest and Sleep. This is necessary for going further on our path.

Planning for a day

We must know how to plan each day as we live in the hustle and bustle of todays society. Proper planning will make sure that we get success in our every approach and hence stay happy.

Source: Living Well by Master Venerable Master Hsing Yun


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