Lord Shiva – The Greatest Lover Of all Times

We should aspire to love like Shiva, by controlling our senses .God is love personified, and there is no higher force than love. Love is beyond all trivial boundaries such as gender and social mores.
In order to love boundlessly, we must see these boundaries as the illusions they are, and let go of those illusions.

To know the story of Lord Shiva and Mohini you can read:

Birth Of The Most Beautiful Woman Ever – Mohini Ekadashi

To know the story of Lord Shiva and Naagin’s story:

The untold story of the daughters of Lord Shiva

These Love stories are an evidence that our ancestors were way cooler than we are about essential things like sexual freedom and gender identity. They were not conservative about their emotions and feelings and were respectful about each other. These are the things or you can say, messages given to us by Gods and Goddesses.



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