The Mantra Which Creates LOVE – The KLEEM MANTRA

Kleem mantra is just one of the many ancient spiritual rituals that are followed by Buddhists, Hindus, and other Eastern authentic religions, to create love. Additionally, this is one of the oldest and powerful mantras of all times and one of the best rituals used to create attraction and love.

The Kleem Mantra is a chant that is used to attract lavishness into one’s life. The mantra works by appealing to higher powers so that they can offer their assistance in someone’s life.

The Mantra Which Creates LOVE - The KLEEM MANTRA

”Kleem” is referred to the seed or beej mantra for Goddess Kali. Kali is known for being ferocious, potent, and the fearful form of Mother Goddess. She is often illustrated as a dancing idol or standing with one leg on her husband, Lord Shiva. As an embodiment of time, Goddess Kali devours all things, and she is known to be irresistibly attractive to all living beings, Gods, and mortals.

Kleem Mantra Meaning


Ka – means Lord Kamadeva, he is the Hindu god of love and desire.
La – means Lord Indra, he is the leader of Gods and the ruler of Heaven, he is also the Lord of material things.
Ee – means satisfaction or the full moon.
Mm – means one that brings love, prosperity, abundance, and happiness.

Benefits of Chanting the Kleem Mantra

The Mantra Which Creates LOVE - The KLEEM MANTRA

It is believed that by chanting this mantra 108 times daily, it removes all complications with one’s relationships. It has the power to heal and cure many illnesses such as depression and weakness. In addition to this, chanting the mantra with sincerity increases vigour, affection, determination, and motivation, hence, this mantra is a good remedy for sedentary, tiredness, and in the cold weather.

Additionally, a constant chanting of this mantra especially before sunrise removes stress, inner fears, and all tension, and also aids in regularizing blood pressure and regularizing sleep patterns.

Moreover, the mantra can also be used to attract infinite energy, also known as prana. Hence, with the help of this mantra prosperity, harmony in relationships, abundance, happiness and material success can be gained

Scientifically, we believe that everything that exists in this universe, which is both invisible and visible, emits a vibration resonance. Therefore, by chanting this mantra we balance the energies and increase the levels of our energetic system, which helps us in promoting certain beneficial actions.

How to use this mantra?

The Mantra Which Creates LOVE - The KLEEM MANTRA

The Kleem mantra can be listened to or chanted at any time of the day. There is no prescribed specific number of repetitions required (although it is recommended to chant a minimum 108 repetitions daily). But the more you chant or listen to, the sooner you will see desired results in your life.

The Brahma muhurta, i.e., the time before sunrise around 4 am, is a good time for chanting this mantra. Another good time is before going to sleep. The best posture for chanting is to sit cross-legged with hands upon your thighs and with your palms facing upwards. Some people also prefer to be in a closed space, while some might prefer to sit out in the open.

Always try to sit in a comfortable posture and focus on your third eye, imagining a red flame between your eyebrows. Now begin to chant this mantra. One must chant like Kleemmmmmmm Kleemmmmmmm Kleemmmmmmm. The sound of ‘M’ is supposed to be stretched just like a temple or a church bell stretches the bell sound hum.

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