The Men Beating and Stripping Holi at Huranga, Dauji Temple

You must have heard about Lathmar Holi which is a cultural phenomenon in Barsana. This is an interesting Holi festival where men are beaten with long sticks by women of the village. Wanna know in detail? Check this:

Here comes another weird cultural Holi play which is being observed for more than 500 years. It is famously known as Huranga which is quite an aggressive form of playing colors. The best part is the power that is given to the womenfolk on this day where they can beat the men to their soul’s satisfaction. Funny though! But it has a huge religious significance associated. In 2021, this festival would fall on Monday, 29 March.

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Huranga at Dauji Temple

Weird Holi celebration

On the day after Holi, Dauji Temple, located about 30 km outside Mathura, comes alive with men getting not just beaten up but also stripped by the women. More than 3000 people attend this event with lakhs of people witnessing the same. The ritual, in reality, is specific to only a particular family which is quite huge. This family dates back to the era when the Dauji Krishna temple was established. This was done by the head of a specific rich family. With time the family expanded in size and now almost the entire village actually claims lineage from the original family.

Weird Holi celebration

This interesting game is played in the courtyard of the temple. The temple gates open around 12:30 pm when the men walk into the central courtyard holding buckets of colors. Then comes the twist when the women wearing traditional clothes are already there and start stripping each man of his upper clothing. These men get beaten up with their own wet clothes. Another activity you would find interesting here is that men hug each other to save one another from the beatings. You can also say that it is a strategical game played by both men and women where men try to escape in groups and women plan to catch hold of the victims and showcase their powers. After all, it is the one golden day of the year when they can drain off all their cute grudges.

Kids and other villagers, as well as observers, take part by jumping into a red pond of colors within the temple courtyard. The day after Holi, a big event is organized inside the temple premises as well. People perform cultural shows and ancient stories are thrown out into the light.

The Mythology Of Huranga

Weird Holi celebration

The theme basically comes from the Rasleela of Radha-Krishna when they used to play Holi during their days. Krishna and friends would tease the young girls and they would get upset and beat them up! Now the women take their responsibility to live up to the name of Gopis very seriously. This is a fun and interesting mythological culture still being practiced.



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