The Mopin Festival: The Goddess Laxmi Puja of-Arunchal-Pradesh

The significant Mopin Festival is observed mostly in the month of Mid-April every year. It is one of the renowned and illustrious carnivals, glorified among the Adi Tribe and Galo community of Arunachal Pradesh. Mopin is the second most popular festival after Solung occasion, of these eminent communities (tribes). The date is fixed among the local Tribal people for this eminent Festivity, i.e- 5th April, however the Festivity starts from two days before the date and ends after two days. It is a 5 days- religious jollification which celebrates the cultivation of Earth and its Richness. Have we ever wondered why it is well-known among the local tribes with the name- Festival of Harvest in Arunachal Pradesh State? Let’s now Know…

The Goddess of Fortune and Harvest:

Goddess- Mopin Ane is worshipped among the local residents of Arunchal-Pradesh especially in Galo villages. Adi-Tribe admires Mopin deity a lot as she brings in prosperity, health and wealth in these villages through this noteworthy observance- Mopin Festival every year.

She along with her daughters are venerated with a great devotion as they taught the people all about agriculture, harvest and seeds. She is also praised for being the divinity in attaining prosperity, wisdom and peace for achieving tranquillity among themselves. Goddess- Mopin is mostly revered in the harvest season of April Month with extra zeal and enthusiasm. Followers adore this beautiful Goddess in several holy places and celebrate with much gaiety for two or more days.

Who is the Creator of Fertility??

Worshippers appease Mother- Mopin who is equally momentous deity just like Goddess- Shakti (Durga) and Anapurna in Hindu Mythology. She is a chief shrine to the Adi-Tribe and is praised as the “Creator of Fertility” every year for two or three days, especially in Arunchal-Pradesh.

She edified the action of cultivating land, and the lessons of agronomy in bygone days. She always enlightened about the various aspects of farming and how to cultivate your Land. In former days, she also guided about- The art of Cultivation and Tillage to Adis community and Tribes. The Mopin is well-Famed as-Goddess of Animal, Birds and Insects (Fauna) and narrated how to stop slaughtering and butchery. She always taught about protecting animal, plants and and maintaining good environment in the vicinity.

Celebrations and Rituals connected:

  • Popir is a famous Folk Dance performed by young girls and women on this propitious day.
  • Apong – a special type of wine which is prepared by Adi Tribes are consumed and served among the guests. They also prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian mouth-watering dishes and recipes
  • Peeps and The Tribes deck themselves in alluring attires and the outfits to celebrate the festival. The girls and ladies adore in incredible traditional ornaments.
  • Throwing and flecking Rice Grains on each other faces indicates the starting of this traditional Gala.
  • A large numbers of devotees gather in a throng to celebrate their vintage Crop Carnival.
  • Worshippers follow some set of Rituals and Traditions to away harmful and malefic evil effects.
  • They organise various cultural activities to gain opulence and wealth through the year.
  • It also secures the tribes with various natural disasters and calamities such as- Earthquake, volcanoes and cyclones etc.
  • On this occasion, they serve discrete conventional refreshments and beverages made up of various fruits and edible-substances.
  • Mopin festival brings in good luck and is discerned to purify souls. It also helps in getting relieve from diseases and mishaps.

What is so special about this Festival:

The speciality about this renowned Fete is it’s incredible Dance which is famed as- Popir among the local residents and the villagers. This is a well-known folk dance performed by the local peeps of Adi Tribes. Galo Community also takes participation in this dance form to make the festivity a remarkable one. Tribes & Populance also sing various traditional songs and rhymes and the folks follow the dance steps accordingly. It looks very pleasant to take a glimpse of the phenomenal category of the classic folk-dance. Teenage girls and young women drape in white-dresses which looks so graceful and elegant in the festival.

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