The Most Evil Existence – Broken Mirror

People often believe that a broken mirror brings you bad luck for 7 years. Superstitions relating to mirrors evolved from a time when the early man saw his reflection in the water, thinking that the image in water was of their soul. According to an ancient myth, mirrors have magical powers, also the power to see the future and are thought to be the devices of Gods. Thus, a broken mirror would terminate its powers, the soul would be apart from the body and it is also believed that misfortunes would be brought upon the one whose reflection it last held.

It was the Romans who first started the superstition relating to broken mirrors as a sign of seven years of bad luck. This is because ancient Romans believed that it took seven years for one to renew their luck. If the person looking in the mirror were of ill health, the image would break the mirror and bad luck would follow for seven years, at the end of which their luck would be renewed, and their body would be physically rejuvenated, it is then that the curse would end.

Broken Mirror Evil Theory

In Indian culture, it is believed that a mirror has the power to capture a part of one’s soul. In the same way, the Romans believed that a person’s reflection in a mirror is actually his soul. Thus, breaking a mirror causes seven years of bad luck as the mirror traps the soul of the person who broke it.

Hindus also believe that a mirror is a form of Goddess Lakshmi. If broken Goddess Lakshmi(money) will not stay in that house.

But is it really bad luck? Centuries ago, the process of making a mirror involved great hard work, effort, and expertise. And so it was very precious and expensive back in the day. Anyone who purchased it was asked to handle it with great care. Also, another reason is that the broken pieces of a mirror could inflict a great deal of pain and septic wounds if one is not careful, and in those days medical help was not immediately available as it is now.

Hence, we could interpret that superstition about the breaking of a mirror with bad luck came up so that people would be extra careful while handling a mirror.

Broken Mirror Evil Theory

Other interesting superstitions about broken mirrors:

  • If a mirror is broken on Friday it brings definite bad luck.
  • Broken mirror pieces should be covered in black cloth and buried to get rid of ill luck.
  • If you see a broken mirror in your dream it could mean the death of your partner.
  • It is said that one should throw away the broken mirror pieces in a hole and cover it with mud. So the next time you break a mirror, collect its shards carefully and throw them out and cover it with mud before anyone gets hurt!

If you do happen to break a mirror accidentally, having seven years of bad luck may not be your first concern. It is advisable to wrap tape around the mirror’s frame to hold the smaller fragments in place and avoid touching the broken shards of glass without proper protection for your hands and feet.

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