Krishna Janmashtami story – Most Satisfying Glances Of Krishna Janam

Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu during Dwapar Yug which is famously known as ‘Krishna Janam’. This day is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami. The reason behind his emergence in this existence had many valuable happenings associated. The story of his birth is in itself a miracle.

Krishna Janmashtami Story

KANSA – the demon king was the brother of Devaki. He had once heard some unseen power predict his death by the 8th son of his sister. This is the reason he jailed his sister and brother-in-law immediately after hearing the prediction. In the long run, they gave birth to children who were killed the moment they took birth by Kansa. After murdering 7 sons of Devaki and Vasudeva, the time came for the eighth one. This time Krishna’s father Vasudeva decided to save his son. So immediately after the birth of the baby, miracles happened and the gates of the jail opened by themselves.

Seeing this, Vasudeva slid through the iron bars and escaped from the jail of Kansa. He took the baby to Dwaraka from Mathura to his relative’s place. The journey seemed almost impossible as he had to cross a deep sea.

But something mysterious happened and the sea tore into two parts. A passage was automatically built with high tides of water stopped by some unseen force on both sides. Vasudeva just followed the miracles and made their way to Dwaraka.

Due to heavy rains, the baby was getting wet. At this moment a huge snake with seven heads appeared to act as a protection for the baby. He is named ‘Sapt Naag‘.

Vasudeva took his baby to Dwarka and gave him to Yasodha and Nanda. In return, he took their just born baby girl who was an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Yasodha and Nanda were very happy with their newborn baby and kept him safe.

Slowly this naughty baby gained the attention of all the villagers of Dwarka and became a hero.

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Lord Krishna’s stories are very interesting and have a lot of values associated. Stay in touch with us to know all those interesting happenings.


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