The mysterious curse to the moon by lord Ganesha

A big feast was once arranged where many Gods and Goddesses were invited. Lord Ganesha had also attended the party. To make him feel special and show their devotion to Lord Ganesha, they had prepared many special sweets and dishes which were his favorite.

As all of us know that Ganesha loves to eat, hence he could not control his desire for food and started eating. He ate, ate and ate till everything made for him got over. Due to over eating his stomach was swollen and became very prominent. He didn’t want anyone to notice him in this situation of a swollen tummy due to overeating. To avoid embarrassment Lord Ganesha wrapped a snake around his stomach as a jewelry to cover it up.

Ganesha and the moon

Even after his many tries, the huge bouncy stomach was still visible. He decided to wait until night and then leave so that no one can see him in the dark. As it became dark Lord Ganesha started for his place but suddenly heard someone laughing loudly. He got conscious and looked around to see if someone had seen his stomach. He lifted up his head and saw the shining moon laughing at him.

Ganesha and the moon

Embarrassed and enraged Lord Ganesha cursed the moon because of his satirical laughter. He cursed the moon that he will be invisible forever from that day onwards. Hearing this, the moon was shocked and begged for pardon to the Lord. After some time when Ganesha cooled down, he felt a bit guilty because of cursing the moon.

He wanted to forgive him but when a curse is given, it cannot be taken back. So Lord Ganesha came with a solution which would minimize the curse. He proclaimed that the moon would grow thinner each day and remain invisible for one day in a month, which we call as Amavasya and consider it as inauspicious.

Moral Of The Story

The story says that we should be kind in our actions and forgive those who repent of their mistakes.

The great Mahatma Gandhi once said – “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”.

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