The Secret Way To Plan, For Family, Work And Life!

We are living in the era with advance Technology and people today emphasize continence and comfort in life. People are now Complacent avoid Hard work and as a result, they often waste precious time.

It is very rare that the people live Seventy Years if we don’t take to account the years of Childhood and old age, not much time left in between.

In everybody’s life after taken in account and subtracting the same i.e., Hot and Cold seasons as well as so many worries, time for sleep, Sickness, old age, and Childhood, how much is left for us to use. Therefore, it is very important to make good use of the limited time in the life left with us. We must try to plan our days so that we can contribute fully to the World.


The following are some of the Keys for Planning your days:

Plan for the day in the start of the Morning


Plans for life


Always spend some time early morning to plan for the complete day. When you plan, and goal the day will not get wasted. Napolean once said “If I let a day go by without doing anything Meaningful, I feel like I have committed theft.”

If we don’t plan our day, not only we feel stressed and unprepared in dealing the matter, but we also may forget or neglect what is important.


Planning should be done with a clear mind


Plans for life


Sometimes with wisdom can discern right from wrong and is clear from beginning to end about the matter. When we come across special cases or urgent matters regarding personnel at work, it is very important for us to understand the fundamental issue in order to find the solution for the same. If you can truly appreciate the priorities of everything, we can make the right decision.


Planning for Family: Plans for Family always start with peace and harmony


Plans for life


Members from the same family will inevitably differ. Respect, appreciation, and support for one another are ways to achieve peace and Harmony.


Planning for Lifetime start with diligence


Plans for life


The most important word in life is diligence. Isaac Newton once said “If you want to acquire Knowledge, food, and happiness, you must work hard because diligence is the cardinal rule for gaining everything. Everything comes along with Hard work.


Our life should be constantly reviewed, especially in marking changes to our mind and body. We must know how to plan our mind well.


Source: Keys Living Well by Venerable Master Hsing Yun


By Devendar Agarwal


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