The Secret Way To Worship – REVEALED!

All of us worship God and show our respect for him. A majority follow the same procedures, which include offering flowers, tilak , prasad, diya, aarti and much more. We believe that we are ardent followers and follow the best possible worshiping techniques. But, the disappointment is here! WE ARE WRONG….. There is a much better way in which we can connect to the almighty flawlessly.


Secret way to worship God


This secret way of worship is known as “MANASIKA PUJA”. If one adopts Manasika Puja, the person’s soul

If one adopts Manasika Puja, the person’s soul realizes the existence of God within. This puja method is so strong that one can even attain nirvana – the most difficult thing to achieve (free from the cycle of life and death). Manasika Puja is more powerful than external puja and is a form of mental worship. In this, the devotee prays God from the soul of his heart and in ‘Sadhana’. Let me give you a mythological example.


Secret way to worship God


Every one of you must be knowing about the famous 5 Pandavas. Arjuna – the great warrior was a disciple of Lord Shiva. He used to follow very tuff methods and worshiped regularly to the lord. He was quite upset with Bhima since he did not perform any rituals for praying. But, he was unaware that Bhima was an even more rigorous worshipper. Once Arjuna saw Shiva’s attendants carrying huge baskets of bael leaves. He questioned “Brothers, from where do you carry these leaves?”. They replied: “These leaves are offered to Lord Shiva by the great devotee Bhima”. This answer took Arjuna by surprise. He went back to Bhima and asked him, “I have never seen you perform any prayer, then when did you send so many bael leaves to the Lord?” The reply was unexpected! Bhima said that he prays God from within. He sinks into his deepest Sadhana mode and imagines the offerings or rituals which will impress the almighty. In his deepest imaginations, he offers all the bael leaves of the world to Lord Shiva, and this is how that becomes a reality.


Secret way to worship God


So, basically, your dedication and devotion from within, is what matters. Numerous real life offerings or rituals are not what God demands. He just wants his disciples to surrender in front of him with complete loyalty and innocence. Let’s make this a practice and eradicate all the business happening in the name of God.



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