The Secret Wishes Of The Great Villain! ‘RAVANA’

You Say Ravana Was A Villain? Yes, he may be!

But from which activities did we judge it? Is it because he abducted Sita? Probably!

How will you judge him to be, after hearing his wishes? Let’s check the wishes the Lanka king – Ravana had.


Make Sea water sweet and drinkable


Ravana's wishes


How sweet of the most famous villain to think of making the vast salty seas sweeter. He could see the less availability of drinking water in comparison to the large quantities of water in this earth. This made him wish for a more productive side of the sea.


Rains should pour when one chooses to


Ravana's wishes


Ravana was well aware of the problems farmers face when rain does not pour and yields poor or destroyed crops. So, he wanted rain to be controlled by every individual. Every time, somebody felt that they needed water for irrigation, they would just call up Lord Indra and he will have to oblige them with rain. This type of thought can come only to a sympathetic person.


Gold should have a beautiful fragrance


Ravana's wishes


He wanted aroma in gold to make it recognizable easily among all the metals. Well, his such an intention was to capture all the gold easily for himself.


A father being alive, the son should never die


Ravana's wishes


Facing such a trauma himself, Ravana never wanted another father to face the same. He had lost his loving sons in the war against Lord Rama and was deeply hurt. Hence, he wanted to ensure that a father should never face the pain of losing his son.


Alcohol should become odorless


Ravana's wishes


Hey! Seriously he thought so? We too wish for the same! He wanted liquor to smell good, and remove the foul smell from it. The reason behind this is even more amazing. He wanted everyone to be in a state without tension and full of enjoyment.


A ladder to heaven should be constructed


Ravana's wishes


‘Wow! Do as much crime as you can since at the end you will be going to heaven! Because you know where the ladder to heaven is.’ A nice wish by Ravana. Wish his wishes could come true.


Color of human blood should be colorless


Ravana's wishes


Ravana fought many wars to conquer the world, and in the process killed thousands. The blood of these dead and wounded made the rivers red. Ravana was highly criticized and even cursed for so much bloodshed. So he thought of a clever wish! He wanted human blood to be colorless so that the damage can not be noticed by anybody. How smart!


Every man should have a fair complexion


Ravana's wishes


The major beauty issue has always been the complexion of a person since ages. Believe it or not, fairness obsession goes back to Vedic times. Ravana, whose complexion was dark, wanted to become fair so that no woman in the world would dislike him for his black skin color. Similarly, he also wanted everyone to be fair.


What did you think now? Was he really a negative personality? Even I am confused. Maybe he was a gentle, caring and loving villain.



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