The Shani Mahatma – Is Lord Shani Harmful? OR a ‘Friend’!

Shani has always been one of the most feared planets in Hindu astrology. Shani sade-sati is considered highly ill-fated and all other planets fail to give any positive results if Shani is in a bad position. There are numerous myths, legends related to Shani Dev, let’s have a look at some of them.

Who is Lord Shani?

Shani Dev

Surya Dev or Sun God had two sons, Yama and Shani. His mother was Chhaya and hence is also known as Chhayaputra. Shani Dev represents the planet Saturn and is the lord of Saturdays. His elder brother Yama is also known as God of death. While Yama, gives the results of one’s deeds after death, Shani is known to give one the fruits of his deeds in his present life itself. He is also referred to as  Saura, Pangu, Mandu, Kruradris, Asita and Saptarchi.

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Why is Shani Dev feared?

Shani Dev

At the time of birth of a Hindu child, the position of his astrological planets is determined, to have an account of his future. Hindus give high importance to the effect of planets on one’s life. Saturn or Shani is one such planet, which is feared the most. It is considered the bearer of bad luck.

When Shani is in close proximity of the Moon, its said have started a reign of seven and a half years over the person’s birth chart, also known as Shani sade-sati. According to Vedic astrology, this period is considered a troublesome time for one’s life. This person may face a lot of challenges, may face failure, accidents, health and money related problems. They also regard this period as a life changing one.

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How to please Shani Dev?

Shani Dev

Shani pooja or worshipping Shani, eases the ill-effects caused by this planet on one’s life. It is highly recommended to people who are going through the Shani sade-sati. It is inadvisable to chant the following mantra:

“Aum Aing Hring Shring Shung Shanaishcharaye Namah: Aum”

It is also, advised to fast on Saturdays, and only have Khichri made from Black urad dal and rice after sunset.

Some other ways to please Shani dev are:

Shani Dev

  1. Shani Dev is said to be appeased when one lights a mustard or sesame oil lamp in front of his idol. Also, reading the Shani Mahatmyaham is said to please him.
  2. It is also said to abstain from consumption of non-vegetarian food and alcohol on Saturdays.
  3. Offering sweet milk to a banyan tree is said to ward off ill effects of Shani
  4. Burying Surma in the ground is very beneficial in pleasing Shani Dev, for getting promotion at work or a successful business.
  5. Worshipping south facing idol of Lord Hanuman appeases Shani Dev.
  6. Since Shani dev is always depicted in black clothes, wearing black on Saturdays is also said to be beneficial.
  7. Shani dev loves mustard oil, pouring mustard oil on a peepal tree is very much symbolic to Shani Dev.
  8. Worshipping the peepal tree before sunrise, chanting “Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah” also impresses Shani dev.

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Shani is an indicator of misery, longevity, sorrow, old age, death, restriction, discipline, delay, responsibility, authority, humility, wisdom, integrity, and ambition. It is regarded as the planet of darkness, which governs the dark side of human nature. It is seen as both a destroyer and a giver. Worshipping Shani sincerely on Shani Amavasya blesses one with a life sans obstructions, and fulfillment of all wishes.


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