Top 10 Hindi Movies To Know About Hindu Mythology

Movies form a major part of people’s social characteristics. We as humans, grasp a lot to nicely presented stories and documentaries. India being a land of rich mythology has a lot which can be picturized to promote spiritualism. Though we have not been that famous in promoting mythology worldwide, but there are for sure many influential religious movies for the Indian audience.

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The entire movie is scripted according to the most sacred ‘Ramayana’ written by Valmiki. The film portrays the entire life of Shri Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman. Our one of the major mythological story has been beautifully and accurately presented in the movie. If you do not have time to read the Ramayana then, give this movie a shot for sure.





The epic book Mahabharat is completely picturised in this movie. The much complicated Hindu mythological story is cleverly shown and conveyed to the audience. Since this epic is quite huge, showing it in detail is for sure not possible. But the major parts are surely covered in the movie.





Hanuman – the epitome of true friendship! He is depicted as the most loyal and selfless God among all. This movie describes all the happenings in his life since childhood to being an adult. This is a great movie for kids as well.



Bal Ganesha


The cutest God; Lord Ganesha is always the most liked one among kids! He has been transformed into a cartoon character in this movie. They have done a great business by making it look really attractive and colorful. The movie has covered every bit of Ganesha’s childhood mythology in a beautiful manner.



Jai Santoshi Maa


This movie is about Santoshi Maa – the daughter of Lord Ganesha. It has shown the immense devotion of a true devotee of Santoshi maa i.e ‘Satyavati’. This movie will surely create the urge in you to be devotional and move you towards a spiritual bent of mind.





Lord Krishna had taken many incarnations to free the world from unwanted happenings. These avatars are presented in this movie, as witnessed by two children. This is a very interesting movie and will surely make you think about the creation of the universe.





This is again an animated movie. Ghatotkach had played a very major role in the epic Mahabharata, which has been picturized here. He is the son of Bheema and Hidimba.



Hari Darshan


The very famous story of Prahlad whose devotion did not burn him in the blazing fire is known to all. His relationship with Lord Vishnu was incomparable and praised by all. The entire life history and experiences of Prahlad has been shown in the movie. This movie can do wonders in influencing kids in a spiritual way.

CHAR DHAM (1998)


Chaar Dham


Char Dham are the four most sacred places present in four directions of the Indian subcontinent. It is believed that the person who visits all these places in his lifetime, will be free from all his bad deeds. So, to promote this belief, the movie showcases an example of a person who got rid of his miseries by visiting these places.



Shiv Mahima


Lord Shiva – the ultimate almighty of power! This movie has completely shown his life and stories. This movie is a must watch if you want to feel the powerful presence of God.

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