Top 6 Interesting Facts About Buddhism

Worldwide, Buddhism is one of the most popular religions. Buddhism originated in ancient India as the Sramana tradition. Buddhists follow the teachings of Gautama Buddha and they believe in enlightenment. According to Buddhism, Gautama Buddha lived almost 2,500 years ago in India. He has taught his followers how to live a happy and peaceful life with truth, humanity, and equality.

Buddhists detach themselves and commit to the vows that lead them to the path of enlightenment. In Buddhism, the followers don’t desire heaven. Instead, they want to achieve Nirvana in life. But the boundary of Buddhism is not that limited. It is quite vast and requires deep knowledge to understand this religion. Here are some interesting facts about Buddhism that will enlighten your mind and soul.

Top 6 Facts Of Buddhism

Before going further to the interesting facts of Buddhism, you must know there is no God to worship in this religion. The followers of Buddhism only believe in the sayings of Lord Buddha. Now, let’s see more interesting facts about Buddhism.

1. Buddhists Are Older Than The World’s Entire Population

The Buddhist religion is older than the entire population of the world. It is older than other religious groups like Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. This religion has a significant influence all over mankind.

2. The Four Noble Truths Lead Mankind To Nirvana

According to Buddhism, the four noble truths can lead mankind to Nirvana. If the followers of Lord Buddha value the truths and apply them in their daily life, they will get the ultimate path of salvation.

The four noble truths are:

  1. The truth of suffering
  2. The cause of suffering
  3. The end of suffering
  4. The path to the end of suffering

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3. Buddhism Doesn’t Have Any Holy Book

According to Buddhism, there is no holy book in their religion. Whether other religions like Bible for Christianity, Quran for Islam, Buddhists don’t follow any religious texts. Though, the followers of Buddhism follow the Buddhavacana as their ultimate learning.

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4. The Ancient Buddhist Monasteries Are Caves

It is quite interesting to know that the ancient Buddhist monasteries were caves originally. Previously, Buddhists used to meditate and perform their rituals in the caves. These caves were sacred and it was found most in the Deccan Plateau area of India. Gradually, the caves were transformed into monasteries with standard structures.

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5. Most Of the World’s Buddhists Live In China

Buddhists make up 18% of the entire population of the country. Most of the world’s Buddhists live in East and South Asia. In Thailand, 93% of the population is Buddhist and in Japan, the Buddhist population is only 9%. Only 1.4% of the world’s Buddhists live in countries outside Asia.

6. The Monks and Nuns Shave Their Hair

According to Pali Vinaya-Pitaka, hair should be shaved every two months. This symbolic gesture ensures that the monks and nuns are ready to commit and leave their past behind. This way also discourages vanity. Though this ritual has no direct connection to the path of enlightenment. In fact, according to some sources Siddhartha Gautama also had hair.

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Final Thoughts

Buddhism is quite a popular religion all across the globe with over 500 million followers. If you also follow the facts of Buddhism, you will know that this religion believes in peace. Buddhists always spread the message of salvation through kindness, peace, and mindfulness. If mankind follows the path of Buddhism, the world will be a better place to live.


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