Treat Guests As God’s, and get happiness

India – full of rich heritage and culture! It values every existence starting from a diamond to soil. In the same way guests also form an integral part of India’s valuables. Our ancient Indian tradition has a beautifully quoted saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” – Guests are God!

Indians have formed many rituals to welcome the Guests. These are known as upacharas. Well, the modern world does not follow any of them and hence many of us must be unaware about it. Below mentioned are the step by step rituals to be followed.


Fragrance: The starting of any happening matters! Similarly, the entering of the guest should be complemented with a nice, pleasant, and welcoming fragrance.




Earthen lamp: Light signifies happiness and darkness depicts sadness and loneliness. So, welcome the guests with beautiful earthen lamps. The natural, soothing lightings will make them feel at ease.


Earthen Lamp


Eatables or Naivedya: The Indian food and delicacies are mouth watering as well as unique. We need to treat them with fruits and milk made sweets(our specialty).




Rice or Nakahata: Make them feel special and wish for there well-being by putting Tilak on them. Tilak is one of the most signature part of Indian culture. Prepare it with vermilion paste, put it on their forehead along with some rice grains.


Tilak Ceremony


Flowers: The ultimate symbol of freshness! The sweet and intoxicating fragrance of flowers can change any bad mood to good. Give them the gesture of good will and best wishes.




Indians should never return back a guest with disappointment or bad memories, as it is believed that their dissatisfaction will bring us Indians unwanted and sad situations. Let’s preserve our culture and treat these live God’s with immense care and love.

“Guests should be honored, respected, loved and taken care of, in such a way that they should take back with them an experience of unbelievable importance.”


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