Varaha Avatar – 3rd Avatar of Lord Vishnu

After taking the Matsya (fish) avatar and Kurma (tortoise) avatar, Lord Vishnu took the third avatar to saved the earth from a daemon Hiranyaksha known as Varaha avatar. Varaha means Boar in Sanskrit. Lord Vishnu is incarnated as a boar when Hiranyaksha dragged the earth to the bottom of the sea, in order to rescue from Hiranyaksha. This avatar was born in Satya Yug.

Varha Avatar
Affilation3rd Avatar of Vishnu
YugaSatya Yuga
JayantiBhadrapada, Shukla Paksha Tritiya
FestivalVarha Jayanti
WeaponSudarshana Chakra & Kaumodaki Gada

The story behind Varaha Avatar

Varaha avatar

Lord Vishnu in his abode that is ‘Vaikuntha’ was resting. His two doorkeepers, Jay and Vijay were guarding the entrance for him. They used to diligently perform their duties and on that day, as Vishnu was taking repose, Jay and Vijay made sure nobody was allowed inside to visit. Just then, four children approached them and wanted to be let in as they were also great devotees of the Lord.

Jay and Vijay, politely turned them down thinking they were just children and that everything else could wait. But little did they know that these seeming children were actually the four sons of Lord Brahma.
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Curse of the four Kumaras

On being turned down, the four sons yet again asked them to be let in. And the guards refused to budge. Angered by the insult, the four children revealed themselves as the sons of Brahma namely Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, and Sanatkumara. On learning this, the guards were terrified for they had realized what grave mistake they had committed and that they had angered the four sages. 

All four sons were so infuriated by the insult that they cursed the guards that they would be reborn on Earth, live among the earthlings and would have to leave Vaikuntha. This meant that both Jaya and Vijaya would also have to be separated from Lord Vishnu. 

They asked for forgiveness and told the sages that they were only doing their duties and that their intention was not to come across as rude and impolite to the sages. Lord Vishnu came out hearing the commotion near the gate. On learning about how things unfolded, Lord Vishnu too tried to pacify the four angry sages but was in vain. Then sages walked away leaving the two guards petrified.
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Curse solutions given by Lord Vishnu

The guards pleaded Vishnu to come up with a solution to their predicament but Vishnu said that the curse couldn’t be taken back but instead presented them with two offers to select from. One, he asked them if they would be okay incarnating as humans for seven lives on Earth. The other, to be born as demons and be killed by Vishnu to attain Moksha and meet him at Vaikuntha again after three lives. They chose the latter as they could not imagine staying away from Vishnu for seven lives.
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Birth of Jaya and Vijaya

Thus, both Jaya and Vijaya were born again as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu. But even before Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu were born, the earth already was being tainted by sins. People were growing immoral and there was a lot of chaos. Hiranyaksha was thriving in this situation and he grew greedy to turn more powerful. So, he started worshipping Lord Brahma. Impressed with his penance, Lord Brahma came down to bless him with a boon. The boon was that he would not be defeated by any man, God, or animals. However, he forgot to mention the boar as an animal.
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Hiranyaksha terror

Hiranyaksha carried on tormenting the earthlings. Everyone was terrorized by his menace. And one day he abducted mother earth and hide her in Paatalok. This was when Vishnu was asked to intervene and save the mother earth from Hiranyaksha.
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Why Lord Vishnu transformed into a boar (Varaha Avatar)

Hiranyaksha grew very powerful and complacent. He started misusing his powers and wanted to rule the world. Brahma knew nothing could kill Hiranyaksha except a boar. Therefore, Vishnu took the avatar of a boar and set to defeat Hiranyaksha and save mother earth. Hiranyaksha on seeing the Varaha diving into the ocean to save the mother earth from where she was hidden, was enraged and challenged the boar for a fight. Vishnu or the boar carried Prithvi on his tusk and placed her back on the axis.

The Lord then turned around to face Hiranyaksha with a death stare which made a shiver run down Hiranyaksha’s spine. The fight began and it went for quite long. The Lord fought brutally and with no mercy. With his final attack, the Lord brought Hiranyaksha down and Hiranyaksha finally realized that the boar was Vishnu himself. He joined his hands and offered his prayers before he breathed his last.
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