Vidaai in Hindu Wedding– The most emotional marriage ritual

Vidaai seems to be the end of the entire marriage ceremonies from the bride’s side. The most pampered, beautiful, lively presence leaves her parents family to form and build a new successful family. This is the most painful moment of the entire pomp and show of an Indian wedding. Girls are considered the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi in India, the deity of wealth and prosperity. While leaving the parental house, the bride practices certain rituals to keep wealth and prosperity intact in her home.

Vidaai Ceremony

Vidaai is a post-wedding ritual which marks the end of the marriage ceremony. It takes place after the seven vows and Kanyadaan to signify the finalization of the decision. It is a very emotional episode for everyone when the bride seeks leave from her parents, family members, friends and relatives and goes to her husband’s home to start a new life with new dreams and hopes. It is a new beginning for her, as she bids farewell to her parents and goes to build a new life with her husband and his family. She leaves her parent’s home with tears of joy and sorrow – joy, because she is starting a new life and; sorrow because she has to leave her parents for it. The bride’s father gives her hand to her husband and tells him to take care and protect her daughter.

Vidaai Ceremony

During Viddai when the bride is led to exit the doorstep, she throws back three handfuls of rice and coins over her head, into the house. This symbolizes that the bride is repaying her parents for all that they have given her so far. Since daughters are considered to be the Laxmi of the house; this ritual is also done to keep the wealth intact in her home. The coins signify the retention of wealth and rice signifies the retention of health.

Vidaai Ceremony

All the elders give blessings to the couple to lead a happy and successful married life ahead and then the father of the bride leads her to the Doli and hands her to the groom. At the end, the brothers of the bride either go with her to drop her till her Husband’s house or bid her goodbye by pushing the car forward. While leaving coins are also thrown to ensure that no evil comes their way.

This ritual is something which every parent fears of. Days of care and love for their little angel, and then giving her to some unknown family is the toughest emotion a human can go through. But, this has to happen one day!

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