Know What Can Impress Lord Shiva? Check Out What Are His Favorites!

Lord Shiva has special fondness and warmth towards his devotees and followers, so he is known as “Bholenath”. He would surely listen to any of his devotee’s prayers. Lord Shiva is always passionate about some of his favorite thingies, though. Some of Lord Shiva’s favorites are mentioned below…

Lord Shiva– The Most handsome and powerful God of Hindu Mythology. He is the ultimate Para Brahma and everything originates from him (whether living or non-living). He is a Supreme Power who is the God of gods. He is limitless and the reality. Lord Shiva has overwhelmed the whole world and the universe. He is the Soul of the Soul. He is superior and has no sentiment or vehemence.

In Puranas, the author of Mahabharata- Sage Vyasa prefaced that Lord Shiva is smaller than the sub-atomic particle like Electron, Proton, and Neutron. Simultaneously, he also mentioned Lord Shiva is greater than anything greatest in this Brahmand (Universe).

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Lord Shiva’s Favorite

Tandava(The Cosmic Dance)

Lord Shiva’s favorite

Shiva- ‘Lord Nataraja’ is exalted as the first Guru of Dance. He is the mentor of Yoga and Meditation He is the symbolism of Art and Wisdom. He is an illustrious and legendary hoofer and his umpteen idols represent him in his “Tandava”. Tandava is well- defined as the Mahadeva’s dance with one leg hoisted in mid-air and the matted hair falling from his spectacularly muscled shoulders.

Aparajita flower (Clitoria Ternatea)

Aparajita is a beautiful flower and famous as Lord Shiva’s favorite- Aparajita means- “the one who is never defeated and overwhelmed”. It is defined preferably as- “DEVI” The SHAKTI – who is Lord Shiva’s second half. It is ideally expounded as Virgin Kanya- “KANYAKUMARI”.

Kailasha Parvata (Mountain)

Shiva’s habitation is in the Himalayas- better known as- Mount Kailash. Mount Kailasha is a kind of a summer escape for Shiva, especially while he meditates. He sits in his favorite place and keeps an eye on his devotees. Kailasha Parvata is also famous as one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas.


Rudraksha - Lord Shiva’s favorite

Mahadeva always wears a garland having 108 beads. It is made up with seeds of the ‘Rudraksha tree’. During Tandava, Mahadeva’s Tears fell down from heaven and touched Earth. Thus, the Rudraksha trees originated. Rudras (beads) are the elements used in the creation of the world. Legend holds it, the word ‘Rudra’ is derived from “strict or uncompromising” and Aksha depicts

Matted Hair

Lord Shiva

Mahadeva is renowned as ‘Jattadhari’ among his vehement worshippers. He allowed the Ganges to descend on his thick matted locks. After winding through his bunch of matted hair, the sacred River reached the Earth from the Heaven.

The hymn of Ohm

Lord Shiva is an eternal sound known as Omkara. Ohm is a melodious hymn and a cosmic sound which discovers when we call- Shiva as Omkareshwara “OM”. Legend has it, He is the ‘Ohm’ and ‘Ohm’ is from him. Ohm Namaha Shivaya: a metaphorical Mantra which followers, Sages, Peers, and Yogis are practicing since ages.

Kamandal (Water Pot)

A water pot in Shiva’s Language it is- Kamandal Kamandal is inherently made from a dry pumpkin which contains nectar. This sacred Kamandal signifies- disconnect closeness from the physical world and clear you’re inner- self from fancy cravings and addictions to get the real happiness.


Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is a main Vedic, Himalayan and Hindu God with a crescent on his head. His half-moon (crescent) signifies peace and is a sign of Time- Cycle. It also represents Mahadeva’s overall spiritual personality. Because the moon adorns the head of Lord Shiva, which is the peak -point of any human being, he is distinguished as– Chandrashekhara.

Bilva Leaves (Bel-Patri)

Bilva leaf is known as Lord shiva’s favorite leaf. It is suggested to offer a single Bilva leaf or Bel- Patri to Lord Shiva. A verse has defined everything about the Bilva-Leaf-

|| Eka Bilvam Shivaarpanam ||

It means offer only a Bel- Patri to Lord Shiva with belief and true spirituality and saintliness. He accords protection and sanctions to people even if they are evil at heart. Mythology says- ”These Leaves are born from the breasts of Goddess Lakshmi.

Trident (Trishul)

His Trishul is believed to be the genesis of The Holy Cross.

Trident (Trishul) has three prongs and these points represent the three Gunas- Rajas, Sattva and Tamas. Legends also say that- Trishul represents the three aspects of consciousness – waking, dreaming and sleeping through his Trishula.

Third Eye (Trinetra)

Lord Shiva

Trinetra- the third eye is prominent as Shiva’s vertical eye. It is one of the fictitious traits of Lord Shiva. However, it does exist and is visible for he devotes on his forehead. It symbolizes the Wisdom or Knowledge. It is also associated with alertness and awareness.

Mrityunjaya Mantra

Maha Mrityunjaya mantra is one of the favorites of Mahadeva. He bestowed this mantra to Sage Shukracharya after he completed a hard penance (Tapasya) for 20 years. Since he finished off his ‘Tapasya’ hanging upside down from a tree.

Tantrik Shastra (Vidya)

Lord Shiva

Shiva is the founder of Tantrik Vidya. He knows all kind of Tantrika Vidya and He is a destroyer of evil and inhuman. Shiva – the doer of good comprehends the “Tantra Shastra and Vidya” which means “He is the one that extends knowledge and can develop the individual consciousness so that one can reach the superior levels of the macrocosmic creation.

Shaivites (Shaivas)

Shaivities are the Shiva Lovers (Devotees) who love to worship Mahadeva all the time. They are kind of Lord Shiva’s all time favorite. Followers of Hinduism who focus their worship and devotion on Shiva are known as Shaivites or Shaivas (Śaiva). In the Shaiva ‘tradition’ and culture of Hinduism (Shaivism), Shiva is seen as the Supreme Deity and has five important deeds: Creator, Preserver, Destroyer, Concealer, and Revealer.

Bhasma (Ash)

Shiva always covers his unclad body with ‘Ash or Bhasma’ which symbolizes the primary source of everything and showcases the end of human life. Nevertheless, the ash denotes the universe- the cosmic creation. He is infamous as the God of destruction and is implicitly associated with Ashes. He applies this sacred Ash onto his uncovered body to give himself a white appearance which portrays a sign of “Shaivism and Peace”.

Bhang/ Dhatura

Lord Shiva

Do we know who is a God of Medicine? It’s Shiva who is also known as ‘Vaidyanath Ji’ and is pre-eminently famous as- Lord of ‘Ayurveda’. According to Ayurveda- Science of Life; bhang if properly used under proper guidance has a medicinal effect. Have we ever noticed that what we Arpana (offer) to Shivlinga is never taken as Prasad? Just because it has some poisonous efficacies and Lord has the power to hold it as he is indestructible and immortal among all the Gods.

Bull (Nandi)

Shiva (Siva) Aka Bholenath, Shankara or Mahadeva owns a white Ox (Bull). That Nandi always accompanies him as his vehicle. This shows his love towards fauna (animals) on the earth. Lord Shiva riding on the bull simply illustrates that when you are righteous and truthful, the infinite and the innocent consciousness is always with you.

Shravana Month (Maas)

Lord Shiva

It is said that Shravana Month is Lord Shiva’s favorite month. Intellectuals say that worshiping him on his favorite occasion will fulfill all your wishes. This month is considered to be extremely auspicious and people who observe the Maha fasting on this day are said to get free of all their sins.

Animal Skin (Tiger)

Shiva always wears animal (Tiger) skin, unlike other Gods who are delineated in vivid and bright colored clothes. And he loves to adorn his white-ashed body in the freshly bloodied animal skin (mere loin-cloth). This deliberately showcases his love towards animals.


Shiva is found with his chillum in numerous pictures. Chillum is a framed substance made up from bone that allowed him to inhale smokes and fumes Cannabis or Marijuana. Although these hemps were bound with Lord Shiva in his peaceful and tranquil Avatar (incarnation). Legends hold the fact that he smokes marijuana for the trance to continue his deep meditation.

Damru (Drum)

Mythology says Shiva’s Damru was originated from OM. A story is evolved in its formation. In the end of the world all the gods, goddesses, sages and Vedas, including Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma entered Pranava mantra ‘Om’ and subsequently this most sacred mantra invaded Shiva’s Damru. As a result, Omkara generated from the Shiva’s Damru and vice-versa happened.

Snake (Cobra)

Lord Shiva’s favorite

Shiva-Shankara is a courageous and gallant God who wears a dangerous cobra as his ornament around his neck. Shiva has given Cobra- a permanent place on his neck to protect them from the Eagles and from getting extinct. This cobra is renowned as- Vasuki. This serpent around the Lord’s Neck also exhibits the state of meditation and alertness.

After knowing about all his favorites, do let us know what do you feel about it. You are welcome to suggest more of his favorites in the comment section below.


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