Want To Know Your Mysterious Past Life? Check Who You Were In Your Previous Birth!

Have you ever wondered who you were in your previous birth? Yes, everyone does! I am sure you must have also thought about it!

There are many ways to find it out, mainly categorized as hypnotic and non-hypnotic techniques. Hypnotism to an extent to make your memories refreshed about your past is a more accurate way to answer your questions. To make things easier let’s go for the non-hypnotic technique.

We have a surprise for you! Your wait is over since we have come up with a numeric calculation which will let you know about your past life. Here you go….

Life Path number Calculation

previous birth

Let’s find the number which represents your past life, from that we will draw further inferences.

The first step is to find your Life Path number. We require your birth date for this.
For example: My birth date is 4-September-1992.
Add the numbers (0+4)+(9)+(1+9+9+2) = 34.
Now reduce this number down to a single digit 34 = 3 + 4 = 7.

Inner Need Number Calculation

Your previous birth

Next, we will calculate your Inner Need Number. We need your name for this. You get this number by adding the vowels in your name. A=1; E=5; I=9; O=6; U=3.

For example: If your name is Pankhudi Sharma, add the vowels by the assigned number in your name.
Add the numbers A+U+I+A+A = 1+3+9+1+1 = 15.
Further, reduce it to one digit as 1+5=6.

How to Calculate Previous Birth or Past Life Number?

Get this by adding Life Path Number and Inner Need Number.7+6=13
Reduce down it to a single digit again 1+3 = 4
Hence, #4 is your Past Life Number!

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Previous Life Characteristics

Well, Now let’s come to the numbers and their respective characteristics.

Number 1

Past Life Number 1: Royal Family

You probably belonged to a royal family. You were either a King/Queen or were a leader. You were a respectful person and used to manage many people. Your advices and decisions were considered to be final.

You may have also been into politics or some influential role like a Police officer.Do you feel lonely? Or do you have any abdominal problems? Then it seems you were exiled in your previous life.

Number 2

Past life Number 2 - Emotional person

You had a twin in your previous life! You happened to be an emotional person with huge importance to relationships. Your previous life had a very disturbing love life and that also may be the reason for your death.

In this lifetime, you may feel as if there is something or someone missing from your life. Your craving for love can be visible in this life. It’s possible you may meet your old soulmate in this life.

Number 3

Past life Number 3 - Creative Person

You had a creative profession in your past life. You were either an artist or a writer. You may have also been into professions like a cook, gardener, or interior designer. You had no materialistic desires and cherished the family life you had. Your life was quite simple and confined.

Number 4

Past Life Number 4 - Adventurous life

This number depicts a very interesting, unique and adventurous life. Most of you may have been into the army. Other professions like a jail keeper or masters are also possible. Basically, you have spent a major portion of your life in a confined and isolated area.

Number 5

Past Life Number 5: hard days

Well! Life was full of hard days. The number five relates to intense action and turmoil. You probably lived in a war zone, and often suffered from sudden unwanted situations. Your life was never pleasant and fear always engraved you. In present life too, you often feel restless and always want to move on from the current situation.

Number 6

Past Life Number 6: Religious Side

You were more towards the religious side. You had a routined life with involvement of intense meditation and spirituality. It is also possible that you had acting as your profession. You loved entertaining people and may have also been into an circus or as a comedian. If you are unhappy, you need to practice unconditional love and forgiveness in this lifetime.

Number 7

Past Life Number 7: Public figure

You were a renowned public figure known for your sacrifices and life-changing advises. Seven is a spiritual number and hence you were more inclined towards the deeper values of life. Do you prefer staying away from giving religious advises to people now? Probably you had a very negative experience in the same. Maybe you were conspired to death because of your fame.

Number 8

Previous Birth Number 8: Wealthy

You had a lot of wealth in your previous birth. You were either a wealthy Business man or a land owner ( may be property dealer). Basically, money played the most important role in your life; and in the present life too, you run after money, and are more practical than emotional.

Number 9

Previous Birth number 9: supernatural connection

You had a supernatural connection in your previous life. You have been a psychic/astrologer, numerologist or supernatural researcher. It is also possible that you were a traveler, voyager or a humanitarian. Sad to know but it is possible that you have been a hermit – deaf and dumb. You have acquired the traits of previous birth and hence may be a bit quite and down to earth in this life.


  1. Right on the money. Mine was a 9, as a child I all of a sudden started stuttering really bad , lasted for many years. I also have been very fond of the supernatural all of my life. I have joined ghost hunting groups to find a place so to speak. I am very quiet, and it doesnt bother me to be alone. Still feel like im not in the right time. Like im trapped here in this time.


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