Was Lord Krishna A Bad Father? Know How

Was Lord Krishna a Bad father

Lord Krishna – the most clever and witty God is under question! Was he actually a good father? Let us know the story of Lord Krishna and his son Samba.

Many of you must be knowing about the famous, destructive Samba. He was the unruly and adamant son of Krishna. Below are certain unaccepted and disturbing activities Samba used to do.

He used to misbehave with his Father’s younger wives by disguising himself as Krishna – getting furious with this activity of Samba, Krishna had cursed him with a skin disease.

Was Lord Krishna a Bad father

He had attempted to kidnap Duryodhana’s daughter – this had led to a big war among the Kauravas and the Yadavas.

Was Lord Krishna a Bad father

Samba pretended as a pregnant woman and harassed the sages – The sages hence cursed him to give birth to an iron mace which will be responsible for the end of the Yadu clan.

Was Lord Krishna a Bad father

Isn’t it difficult to digest that Krishna’s son was so destructive? What can be the reason behind it? People often say that “charity begins at home”, so is it that he was an over pampered kid or is it that he was a neglected kid!

Now, coming back to the history we have come across, have you ever heard the good stories of Krishna with his sons? No, right! So, this is because he was always busy with Arjuna and the Pandavas and in the plannings of conducting Mahabharata. Probably, him neglecting his son got such consequences. The most efficient knowledge imparter – Lord Krishna, could have made his son a great preacher by staying his side. So, what is the lesson we got from this?

Was Lord Krishna a Bad father

Lord Krishna has a message for us from his own story. ” Do not engross your entire time in achieving success, money, name, fame or respect. Our family needs our time. Give them the required care and affection. Family and the professional life should be kept in balance.


  1. Such distorted tales based on incomplete stories, heresay and compilation of illiterate people’s opinions take a person away from the divine. That is detrimental to all of us today. First Ram was mean to his wife, now Krushna is mean to his son. Lets not waste time supporting such rumours please.

  2. Well, Pradyumna was also Krishna’s son. It’s not like Krishna paid him much time, but Pradyumna was a reason for Krishn’s pride, unlike Saambh.


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