We Found Out – How To Reach God!

Sri Ramakrishna used to describe his attitude towards scriptures, etc in the following manner.  He used to say that the holy texts only point out the way to reach God.  After knowing about the way, there is no need for books and scriptures; then comes the time for action.

A man received a letter from his house asking him to purchase certain gifts meant for his relatives.  The descriptions of the articles to be purchased were mentioned in the letter.  As he was about to go for shopping for the items, he suddenly found that the letter was missing.  He began to search anxiously for it with several others joining in the attempt.  When at last the letter was discovered, his joy knew no bounds.  With great eagerness, he read the letter once again line by line.  It had been mentioned in the letter that he was to buy 5 kgs of sweets, 2 pieces of clothes and a few other items.  Now that he knew the contents of the letter, he no longer needed it.  The letter had served its purpose.  Keeping it aside he went out to buy the items.  The letter is necessary only as long as the contents are not known.  Once they are known, one proceeds to carry out the directions.

Sri Ramakrishna used to say that the scriptures speak about the ways and means to realize God.  But, after ascertaining all the information about the path, one must begin Sadhana in right earnest.  In order to reach the goal, one should strive hard.  Here bookish knowledge would be of no avail.  Sadhana is the key to success.


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