What Can We Learn from Sikhism?

Sikhism is the spiritual path for those who want to establish a permanent connection with the inner divine truth. Sikhs work hard to train their minds and senses to recognize the divine light in themselves and all creatures and serve others. The Sikhs lead an everyday life. They strive to use every breath in our hearts to keep in touch with God and live honestly and share what we deserve with others. Some things we can learn from Sikhism & their way of life:

1. Never Neglect the Poor

A moral story is popular among the Sikhs; when Guru Nanak was 12 years old, his father gave him 20 rupees to start a business. Nanak bought groceries worth 20 rupees and gave them away. When his father asked about the investment, Nanak told him it was “a good deal.” Today, a Gurudwara named Sacha Sauda (the real business), where Guru Nanak feeds the poor.

Sikhs are taught since birth never to let anyone starve and suffer near them. They are born with a heart of gold. If every human developed this feeling, it would turn into the world everyone has been dreaming of.

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2. Both men and women are equal

Even in the struggling times, when other Indian religions wanted quiet and restrained women in temples and no women in mosques, Guru Nanak allowed women to participate in religious gatherings and publicly praise God. 

Sikhism believes that no discrimination should be made among any creation of God. Both men and women are seen serving in langars, working and handling different tasks.

3. In the 21st century, running away to a forest won’t bring you Moksh

“…Remember the essence of religion/It is gentleness and compassion/It is a kind and pure life/In the temptation of the world…”-Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 

 Maybe a few centuries ago, people could get enlightenment in the woods, but we can’t do it today. And Guru Nanak didn’t even ask you to do that. He believed that it is better to be a steward because of some sacred truths than to leave. Even after the enlightenment, Nanak himself was a farmer.

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4. Avoid the evils that are ruining your life

  • Ego: Having self-respect and high self-esteem is a must to have, but ego is something that hampers life. It is believed that people deviate from the correct paths and even delete relations because of their high egoistic nature.
  • Anger: The emotion of anger is bound to bring destruction in life. People are deemed to make unjustified and stupid decisions when they are angry. 
  • Greed: Greed is an intense and foolish desire for something and must be avoided at all costs. A saying goes around all mouths, “there is enough for someone’s need but not someone’s greed.
  • Lust: It is said that lust can at times run off all rails and create disastrous situations in life.

These are a few of the many qualities that can be learned from Sikhism teaching. They believe in selfless survival and strongly follow the preaching.


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