What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You!

Nail shapes say a lot about your personality. These dead cells lying on the top of your fingers are actually the product of what you eat and how you live. The healthier and shinier the nails are, the more healthy you are. These nails come in different shapes varying from person to person. The growth trend describes the personality of an individual. Check how!

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Vertically long


Nail shape and personality


You have a great imagination power and hence easily get overwhelmed by the surrounding atmosphere leading to easily being deceived. You are creative and meticulous as well. You seem to be a mild tempered romanticist.


Rounded/ Egg shaped


Nail shape and personality


A very appealing pacifist is nature. You are extremely sociable and are always behind the end of conflicts. You are a happy go lucky soul and hence people love being around you. Be careful in terms of friendship since people may take you for granted.


Broad sideways


Nail shape and personality


You are great at expressing what you think, so much so that people consider you to be straight forward. You tend to be short tempered and hence you need to practice a little self-restraint at times. Your chemistry does not match with people who listen to their heart more than their brains.


Square shaped


Nail shape and personality


You have a very serious kind of personality and people take you to be hard-hearted. Your attitude for sure portrays a strong personality but your stubbornness is a flaw on a precious jewel. You need to be less stubborn and think flexibly.


Triangle or Inverted triangle


Nail shape and personality


Well, the most creative and out of the box people are here. You always come up with brand new and great ideas. You always want things your own way which might sometimes backfire on you. You also happen to be overly sensitive at times.


Almond shaped


Nail shape and personality


You are kind, polite, sincere and a docile person. Sometimes you become short tempered for things which are difficult for you to accept. People love being with you but your unpredictable mood may make you lose some precious ones of yours.




Nail shape and personality


Personality is as the name goes. You are ambitious and bold in your nature. You work hard to achieve your goals and are stubborn about your aims. You get irritated to deal with people who are slower but then that won’t make you a good team player.


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