What Is The True Meaning Of Being Beyond Expressions

Sri Ramakrishna had a unique way of conveying lofty truths of Vedanta through examples from daily life.


There was a young girl, brought up in rural settings, who was married to a young man of the city.  Because of her background and being shy in nature, she won’t even utter her husband’s name in front of others. One day her husband came to her house i.e. his father-in-law’s house and was sitting in the drawing room with a few of his friends.  The young wife and her friends were watching them through the window.  Her friends did not know who her husband was and was very keen to identify him amongst those who were seated in the drawing room.  They first pointed out to one of them and asked the young wife, “Is that your husband?”  She said no and smiled.  Then they again pointed out to another person and once again asked the same question only to receive the same reply.  This went on four or five times.  Finally, by accident, they pointed out to her husband and asked her, “Is he the person?”  Then the young girl neither said yes, nor no, but only smiled and kept quiet.  Then the friends realized that person was her husband.




A man keeps trying to express the inexpressible in various ways.  He struggles hard but is unable to do so.  This is because of an inherent deficiency or difficulty.  Truth or Brahman belongs to the realm of transcendence whereas the efforts to describe it are made at the level of mind and body.  But, once he attains true knowledge and realizes the true nature of Brahman, he is stunned into silence and becomes speechless.  That is why the scriptures describe Brahman as beyond mind, beyond speech, etc.


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