Who Proposed Whom? The Famous Love Stories Of Gods And Goddesses

Love stories have always been heart-warming and exciting. There are thousands of stories which make us wonder the true meaning of love. Here we come with the most valuable love stories of the era, the ones which are behind our formation and the ones which define eternity. Here is the famous love stories of gods and goddesses..

Lord Shiva and Parvati

Story Of Lord Shiva and Parvati

Who said that a girl proposing a boy seems weird? The mother of the universe Goddess Parvati was the one who had expressed and acknowledged her love for the ruler of the three worlds – Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva and Parvati

Goddess Sati reincarnated as Parvati and fell in love with the Lord again. She wanted to marry her but Shiva was least interested in the immense beauty or elegance she had. But, she did not give up. She went into severe penance so much so that the need of food, water, and even the air became zero. The most famous sages also came to visit and worship her. Seeing her immense dedication and devotion the God became impressed. On watching her closely during meditation he felt the lost love he had with Sati and could realize that Parvati was the reincarnation of his love.

Story Of Lord Krishna and Radha

The most famous love story of Hindu mythology was the story of Krishna and Radha. The incomplete and sad ending story has a lovely take away from it. ‘Love does not mean that you should possess the person, Love means doing everything you can to make the person happy, even if it costs staying apart’.

Lord Shiva and Parvati

This story was about love at first sight. Radha was among the thousands of Gopis of Vrindavan who were intoxicated by the charm of Lord Krishna. Her devotion and respect for the God made her different from the other girls. This is how Krishna noticed this beautiful lady; not only from her appearance but also from her attitude. Wish every love story would remain as selfless and dedicated as theirs was.


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