Why Crows are given food During Pitru Paksha

Where I am from? Where do I come from? Such questions arise in our minds oftentimes since birth, but we keep on moving and merely exist in this so-called world without a sole purpose. The sound of the crow reminds us of these questions (in some way or other) so that we can inspect ourselves.

In ancient cultures and civilizations, some more countries other than India give a whole lot of importance to crows, even during some festivals. Reasons Behind rendering importance to the crows:

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  • Hugin and Munin (one of a kind crow breed) are mentioned in the Norse mythology (relating to ancient or medieval Norway or Scandinavia). These are described as Symbols of enthusiasm for God.
  • In Greek mythology, the Raven (crow) is considered a Symbol of Good Luck. It is said to be the Messenger of God and one of the world’s creators.

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Importance of feeding crow during Pitru paksha

According to the scriptures, it is extremely necessary to perform pitru paksha in Hinduism. It is believed that if we do not conduct shraddha sacraments at the time of pitru paksha with proper rites, our ancestors do not get peace and their souls wander in this world around.

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On the day of Shraddha, people worship their ancestors for 16 days. These days, the crows are treated as symbols of the Ancestors and fed food. This question is often asked why the food is given to the crow. And, why do we give so much importance to the crow at the time of pitru paksha? Have we ever thought in that direction? Do we know the reason behind this peculiar ritual? Let’s know through these primeval facts written during the earliest time in history.

In the Garuda Purana, the crow is said to be the messenger of Yamraj. It is believed that in the Shraddha days, feeding crow is a renowned tradition and under it, the food is kept for the cow. If the crow accepts that food, it means that the ancestors have taken food. As Lord Yam once gave a boon to the crow in the course of a Famous King-Maruti’s yagna that he would be given importance on the sacred days of pitru-paksha that the food given to you will also calm the soul of the ancestors.

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In many mythological traditions of the Hindu religion, the crow has been given the place of God as well. Another legend has it that Jayant, the son of Lord Indra, was fascinated by Goddess Sita and embraced the form of a cow.  He attacked mother Sita after the rejection of his proposal Then Lord Rama thrashed him hard with Brahmastra. After a while, Jayant realized his mistake and he apologized to Lord Rama. Lord Ram had the purest heart and hence he forgave him. He also blessed him with a boon that you will be given food at the time of pitru paksha and through your divine support, the ancestors will be fed on Shraddha days in heaven.


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