Why Lord Hanuman is known as Sankat Mochan

Hanuman Ji is called Sankat Mochan, let us know what is the reason behind Mahabali Hanuman’s Sankat Mochan name.

You must have heard that no matter what the crisis is in life, Hanuman Ji must have a solution for it. Let me tell you that there is no such suffering and no such pain on this earth, which Mahavir Hanuman is unable to end, so tell me that if there are repeated crises in your life or if no work is completed then you must worship Lord Hanuman.

One day at the time of Lord Hanuman’s birth, Goddess Parvati left Hanuman Ji in the ashram to bring fruits. That baby Hanuman was feeling hungry, so he considered the rising sun to be fruit at that time and started flying in the sky to catch it. And to help them, the wind also started moving very fast. On the other hand, Lord Surya did not allow him to burn with his splendor, considering that he was a nervous child. And when Hanuman rushed to catch the sun, Rahu wanted to eclipse the sun immediately. When Hanumanji touched Rahu in the upper part of the Sun, he fled from there in fear.

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He went to Indra and complained that Devraj had given me Surya and Chandra as a means to calm his apps. Today, on Amavasya day, when I went to suffer the sun, I saw that another Rahu is going to catch the sun. When Indra listened to Rahu, then Indra got very nervous and took Rahu along and went towards the sun. Also, seeing Rahu, Hanuman Ji left the sun and started prancing towards Rahu. When Rahu called Indra for protection, he hit Hanumanji with Vajrayudh due to which he fell on a mountain and also suffered an injury to his left chin. Seeing this condition of Hanuman, Vayudev got very angry. He stopped his pace at the same time.

Due to this, no creature of the world was able to breathe and all started to suffer from pain. Then all the surras, asuras, yakshas, ​​eunuchs, etc. came under the shelter of Brahma. Then Brahma Ji took them all and went to Vayudev. He was sitting sadly with his faint Hanuman in his lap. When Brahma Ji alive him, Vayudev, by transmitting his speed, took away from the pain of all beings. Then Brahma Ji said that no weapon can harm its part. After that Yamdev blessed Avadhya and Neerog. Gods like Yaksharaj Kubera, Vishwakarma, etc. also gave immense blessings.



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