Why Should we fear Shani Dev?

Shani Dev has always been one of the most feared Gods in Hindu mythology. Shani is often blamed for bringing bad luck and troubles. It is often said that the planet Shani or Saturn shows no mercy for one’s sins. Sade-sati of Shani is also considered highly ill-fated and all other planets fail to give any positive results if Shani is in a bad position.

The Kashi section of the Skanda Purana mentions the origins of Lord Shani. Born to Surya Dev or Sun God and Chhaya  or Goddess of Shade. But people fear Shani Dev more than they fear his brother Yama, the God of death, as he is known to reward or punish one for his deeds during his life while Yama is said to judge sinners in their after-life.

Lord Shani Puja

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He is often considered as the Lord of bad luck. According to the Hindu mythology, when Shani was born, the sun went into an eclipse. This denotes the impact of Shani on the Hindu astrology. They are plenty of stories in Hindu mythology about his evil influence. Even his day Shanivar or Saturday is usually considered inauspicious for beginning anything new.

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Shani is lame and limp, as he was injured while fighting with his brother Yama in his childhood. He is represented riding a chariot, pulled by a crow or a vulture and carrying a bow and arrow. He is usually depicted with dark skin, wearing black clothes.

At the time of birth of a Hindu child, the position of his astrological planets is determined, to have an account of his future. Hindus give high importance to the effect of planets on one’s life. Saturn or Shani is one such planet, which is feared the most. It is considered the bearer of bad luck.

When Shani is in close proximity of the Moon, its said have started a reign of seven and a half years over the person’s birth chart, also known as Shani sade-sati. According to Vedic astrology, this period is considered a troublesome time for one’s life. This person may face a lot of challenges, may face failure, accidents, health and money related problems. They also regard this period as a life changing one.

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In Hindu astrology, Shani has earned the reputation of being the planet of sorrow, but this is true to an extent in some aspects. Shani creates sade-sati to symbolize justice and righteousness, and to make people pay for their karma. Shani being a Navgraha, he has great influence on “life on earth”. It is believed that he has the capability to remove bad malicious influence from one’s life.

But contrary to popular belief, Shani is more easily pleased that any other graha.  Because of his apparent strict behavior, he owns a bad reputation. But due to this strict nature, he is controlling future bad behavior and frees oneself of sin.

Expressing true devotion to Shani Dev helps solve all problems relating to health, family life, mind, money, and work. Nevertheless, this period of Shani sade-sati, will always have a reputation of being a tough time, when everything supposedly will go wrong.

Shani is an indicator of misery, longevity, sorrow, old age, death, restriction, discipline, delay, responsibility, authority, humility, wisdom, integrity, and ambition. It is regarded as the planet of darkness, which governs the dark side of human nature. It is seen as both a destroyer and a giver. Worshipping Shani sincerely on Shani Amavasya blesses one with a life sans obstructions, and fulfillment of all wishes.


  1. Want to tell just one thing.
    If your karma is Good, no need to fear from Shani Dev.
    The fear of Shani Dev for those, whos Karma’s are bad.
    If you are a good person with good karnas, Shani Dev always blessings for you, with Good Karmphal . If your Karma’s or intentions are bad you get Bad Karm phal from Shnai Dev.
    And all the rumors, which said Shani Dev is a fear for all, thats nothing. Only for those, who are Bad in their life.


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