Yearly Horoscope 2018 In Detail – Gemini

Desires, dilemmas, confusions, needs and so on. These feelings will never end till we exist. So, stop overthinking and check out what the year ahead has for you.

These predictions are done by the famous astrologer Jyotirvid Ritesh Vyas. He has elaborately mentioned each phase of the planetary movements for the entire year, depending on your Zodiac signs. You will get to know what your career has for you, how your love life will be, what success may come to you and how your health will be.

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horoscope Gemini 2018

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January 1, 2018 – February 25, 2018

This is a period governed by Rahu. Your Rahu is in house number 2.
New projects or higher level of investment should be avoided. If working as a professional, the year will be average mostly. There will be routine hurdles as well as average growth. You will have to wait for real progress. A phase of doubt & uncertainty could come your way. Making a change is not advised at all & is detrimental to your interest. A gradual loss of status could be experienced during this period. A sense of insecurity will prevail as far as home affairs are concerned.

February 25, 2018 – April 15, 2018

This is a period governed by Jupiter. Your Jupiter is in house number 5.
You are learning new ways of maintaining harmony in your individuality at work and around friends and family. You will reap great rewards as you learn to expand your communication skills and be true to your inner self and your own personal needs. Changes you experience in your life will be deeply felt and lasting. People that you thought overlooked your good efforts will be your greatest and most supportive allies. An auspicious ceremony in the family is likely to take place. This period will also bring prosperity, happiness, and success to your children.

April 15, 2018 – June 11, 2018

This is a period governed by Saturn. Your Saturn is in house number 7.
The period will begin with hurdles in career due to pressures created by competition in your work area. You need to be more flexible in handling those situations. New projects and risks in the career should be avoided. You should avoid controversy or be seeking a change in job until such time. You need to keep your speech & communications positive & nonoffensive throughout to ensure you do not suffer any setbacks due to your words, written or spoken. Your relationship with the opposite sex will not be cordial. Illness of life-partner is also on the cards. As far as possible, unwanted travels should be curtailed. You may have to face some unexpected sorrows and baseless allegations.

June 11, 2018 – August 02, 2018

This is a period governed by Mercury. Your Mercury is in house number 6.
You may suffer due to health complications. You will find it difficult to retain money as you will have the tendency towards spending on luxuries and pleasures. This is not a good period for indulging in rash speculative activities. Silly quarrels, misunderstanding, and arguments can affect family’s peace and serenity. People jealous of you can cause problems, thus may get un-based accusations and create unhappiness in the family beware of them. You may have trouble from opposite gender so you need to be careful of them.

August 02, 2018 – August 23, 2018

This is a period governed by Ketu. Your Ketu is in house number 8.
You will perform good and pious deeds your conduct will be good. You will suddenly get interested in religion or spirituality. Partnerships are good for you this year, in both the professional and personal sphere. However, the most important thing is that you might just have that overwhelming, life-changing experience that you were waiting for so long. This period is surely going to bring all the authority. You are learning new ways of maintaining harmony in your individuality at work and around friends and family. Family atmosphere will be very good.

August 23, 2018 – October 23, 2018

This is a period governed by Venus. Your Venus is in house number 7.
The trend for you in this period is one of a tremendously creative and intellectual energy. You will feel very romantic and will take your work as an art and reach out for new ideas. Contacts and communication will bring more opportunities and this adds to the great potential for expansion. Actions of courage and your sheer genius will bring you money and spirituality in equal measure. Harmony in family life is assured. Minor health ailments could be there. Construction of house or purchase of a vehicle is on the card. A very rewarding period for you though.

October 23, 2018 – November 11, 2018

This is a period governed by Sun. Your Sun is in house number 7.
This will be a difficult period. Your luck seems to you. Your business associates may create hassles for you. Business trips may not be fruitful. On the domestic front, keep your temper in check from getting into embarrassing situations. Partner’s ill health may cause worries. You too may suffer sickness and mental tension. You may also have trouble in head, eye, feet, and arm.

November 11, 2018 – December 11, 2018

This is a period governed by Moon. Your Moon is in house number 1.
You will not be able to grab the chances coming your way through you will have a lot of opportunities but all in ruin. You may face problems related to your health or your parents so get good care of them as well as yours. Long distance travel is on your cards but would not be very beneficial and should be avoided. This is a period of mixed results for you. There can be a dispute with the public and your colleagues. You will be prone to diseases like cold and fever. There will be mental worry without any visible causes.

December 11, 2018 – January 01, 2019

This is a period governed by Mars. Your Mars is in house number 5.
Anxiety may develop due to ill health of family members. Travel may be fruitless and therefore should be avoided. You will indulge in unnecessary expenses so, be careful regarding that. You should be cautious while dealing with friends and colleagues. Your power of judgment and discrimination may weaken sometimes. There can be injury due to fire. This period also indicated heart trouble, so you should be very careful about your health.


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