Your Face shape And Your Personality

The face is the identity of a human being. People remember you by your facial features. But did you know that the shape of your face can decide your personality as well? Run to the mirror and check which face shape do you possess. Come back read this article and know who you exactly are!




round face


You are sensitive, caring, reliable and sincere. Your hard work is influential and you happen to be mentally sharp in your approach.




oval face


You are fearless, authoritative, have high dedication and principle. You see intelligent and have great interpersonal skills.




oblong face


You are a creative person with unbelievable imaginations. You have a strong spirituals side as well.






You happen to be a creative and sensitive person. Your intelligence is praiseworthy. You have a lively personality but tend to get depressed quite easily.




heart face


They are very helpful and creative. They possess strong institutions but then can be a little pushy. They contain a high amount of energy as well.


Inverted Triangle


inverted triangle face


You have very ambitious beliefs. You love independence, value sincerity and commitment. You are also a self-analyzer, quick thinker and possess a good memory.




diamond face


You are self-confident, strong-willed, and a perfectionist by nature. You make a good leader, but due to short temperateness, you can be unpredictable as well.




pear shape


You have a warm and amiable personality. You tend to feel anxious quite easily and need to be motivated often.




square face


You are aggressive, competitive and practical in nature. You have great decision making and leadership skills as well.




rectangle face


You are ambitious, analytical, intelligent, hardworking and good at self-control. You have lovely leadership qualities as well.


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