Your Nose Shape And Personality

Nose is one of the most important features of your face. Not only does it enhance your look but is also a very vital organ in terms of the existence of life. Just imagine yourself without a nose! Creepy right? Nose comes in different shapes in a human being. Every shape has something to say about his/her personality. Check what your shape says about you.


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Big nose


nose shape and personality


The length may be short or long but they have wider tips and large nostrils.

The bigger the nose is, the more is the power of the person. The bigger nose people have great leadership qualities, carry a handsome amount of ego and have the immense desire to work independently. They do not like carrying orders and prefer being their own boss. For them, bigger tasks are of more interest.


Small nose


nose shape and personality


They have a small length as well as width. The tip is neither flat nor round. These people are creative freaks. They are highly sociable as well and believe in helping others. Sometimes, they tend to be impatient and frustrated, hence are short tempered. They love their work and are always ready to strive hard.


Long nose


nose shape and personality


People with long noses have a great sense of business. They are ambitious and have good leadership qualities. Sometimes you expect more than possible and get into trouble.


Short nose


nose shape and personality


These are the people towards the docile side. They are very sensitive, emotional, sweet and kind. People love being around them but then they are not easy to understand. Sometimes they fall short of ambition and success drive.


Straight nose/Greek nose


nose shape and personality


The bridge of the nose is completely straight with narrow nostrils. These people are usually appealing and clever as well. They tend to be more towards the sensible side and hence are quite helpful. They follow discipline and usually succeed in life.


Turned up nose


nose shape and personality


A long nose having a slightly upward peak at the tip have turned up nose. Such people are optimistic and kind. These people think differently and have great humanity skills. They are loving and supportive.


Hooked nose


nose shape and personality


They have a big and long nose but with a hook-like tip. These people usually are high on ego and demand respect and importance from others. The best part is that they seldom get influenced by people.


Roman nose


nose shape and personality


Nose with a sexy bent on the bridge. These people are very ambitious and headstrong in nature. Being great leaders they tend to carry an influential personality. They are good organizers and perform their activities with proper planning.


Nubian nose


nose shape and personality


A long nose with a wide base and wide nostrils. These are curious heads and always search for new initiatives. They love development and are quite open minded. They usually tend to be attractive and expressive.


Wavy nose


nose shape and personality


These noses look a bit deformed but cute. People having such a feature are mostly fun loving and have charming personalities.


Snub nose


nose shape and personality


A small and raised nose is known to be a snubby nose. These people are usually optimistic. They love experimenting and risk things to make a new change. They are full of enthusiasm and can be very faithful.


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