• The name Agrawal or Aggarwal(Baniya) is said to be founded by Maharaja Agrasena. It is one of the largest communities spread across the Globe since 5000 years.10 Significant Facts About Baniya
  • Basically, Agrawals belong to the large Vaishya community and Vaishya is something very compendious and widespread. We can find Agarwala community in almost every part of India and Ideally Agarwalas are Baniyas only.
  • According to mythology, Vibudh Shridhar was the very first known Agarwala Proficient and Skilled author. He wrote PasanahaChariu which was the first Reference to the Agarwala Community in 1132 A.D. However In North India, It was also the first Historical and Primitive Source of Information to the origin Legends of Early Delhi (which is Now Mehrauli ).
  • In Northern and Western India, the Agarwalas were way too famous for their actions on trading and the activities. They did on buying and selling goods and services, as they were so unique and appreciated by many of the kings and the leaders at that times.
  • They were well known as acclaimed Community and were quite popular as Merchants, Traders, Marketers and Sellers in Bygone Days. Due to their exceptional and brilliant economic mind and ideas, implicitly and explicitly they helped in the growth of India’s Economic Development.
  • One of the Historical Monuments – Agrasena ki Baoli was built and designed by the heroic and gallant King Agrasena in the late 14th Century. This ancient monument has 108 steps which consist 3 levels. It is famous for being one of its kind since 1132 B.C and is situated near Connaught Place, Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, India.10 Significant Facts About Baniya
  • Researchers found out that 86 % of the Agarwalas practice and follow Hinduism and rest follow the Religion–Jainism.
  • Mythology Say that Maharaja Agrasena was a Chandravanshi (Suryavanshi ) Kshatriya king. He was popular as the elder sibling of the grandfather of Lord Krishna – Shurasena. These two famous brothers – Kings Agrasena and Shurasena. They shifted to Agroha and Dwarka respectively to protect themselves and their beloved families from the continuous and repeated Jarasandha of Magadha’s blitz. Therefore due to these severe and instant attacks, they Migrated from Mathura intensely.10 Significant Facts About Baniya
  • If we talk about the term Agarwal’s Population, then as per the latest census scheme Agrawal communities have the largest shares of people with a net worth in billions of dollars.
  • In bygone days, Akbar had two Mantris in his kingdom and they were Baniyas/Agarwalas – ‘Todarmal’ who was well known for ‘Land Assessments’ and ‘Madhushah’ Who was famous fo’r ‘MadhuShahi Pice.
  • Vaishyas are a mercantile based community and are basically involved in commercial Business and Trading. Agarawala Community is one of the most reputed and well-bred communities spread all over the world.



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