Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated this year with a gigantic fervour on 21- September 2017  among Agarwala and Agroha people.It is observed every year on the fourth day of Ashwin month as per the Hindu calendar i.e ‘Ashwin Paksha Pratipada’.

‘Maharaja Agrasen’ was a legendary king and was a great warrior in his time. He was well known for his fundamentals of Socialism, Non- Violence, Equality, and Nationalism in his Kingdom. Maharaj Agrasen was famous as a contemporary of Lord Krishna. He had a connection with Lord Krishna during the last stage of Dwarpara Yuga and almost a start to Kalyuga.

Mythology Of King Agrasen

Agrasen Jayanti

Agrasen Maharaja took birth at the time of Mahabharata to King Ballabh of Pratapnagar around 5185 years ago. King was illustrious as he established the Great Agroha Kingdom and later on that place was substantially dwelled by the Traders and Businessmen. King was famed as he had 18 Sons and thus resulted in 18 –Gotras. Each Gotra formed its own unique and idiosyncratic identity.

The 18 Gotras are –

  • Garg
  • Goyal
  • Bansal
  • Kansal
  • Singhal
  • Tingal
  • Airan
  • Bindal
  • Mittal
  • Airan
  • Dharan
  • Nagal
  • Tayal
  • Bhandal
  • Kuchhal
  • Mangal
  • Jindal
  • Goyan (Half Gotra)

However, Mythology says that He had 17 and a half Sons.

King Agrasen is also said to win the ‘Swayamvara’ against many of the Kings. Which included the ‘Lord of Rain and Storms’ and King of Devas- ‘Indra’ and thus married Princess -Madhavi. And Madhavi’s father was the famous King of the Nagvansha Dynastry.

The Importance of Agrasen Jayanti

Agrasen Jayanti2

We celebrate numerous occasions and festivals with a great zeal and devotion. And we also celebrate our birthdays and family members with a social gathering or an enjoyable activity. Likewise, Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated with a verve and zest, not only in India but also in different parts of the world.

Maharaja Agresena was an illustrious legendary Hindu king of his time and was famed as the founder of ‘Agrahari’ and ‘Agrawal’ communities. Agarwala and Agroha People celebrate Agrasen Jayanti with a stupendous passion in the honor of their respected forefather- ‘Maharaja Agrasen’. This eminent occasion is organized by Agarawala community and hence celebrations of the event are seen annually by Agrahari and Agarwal sects of the Hindu community. Basically, this day is memorialized as the birth Anniversary of their foremost great warrior and the Messenger of Peace – ‘Agrasen Maharaja’.

Felicitous Day for starting a new Metier (Business).

Agrasen Jayanti business

Agrasena Jayanti is considered to be very auspicious for initiating a new business venture.

Agrasen People and Agarwala Community commemorates the birthday of their heroic king of Agorha in a very remarkable and matchless way among Agarawala Folks. Agarwala Surname was basically derived from the words Agrasen and Baalak respectively. ‘Bal’ or ‘Wal’ has been taken from Baalak which means Child and Agra from Agrasen. The Surname Agarwala ideally means Sons (Children) of Agrasen or people of Agroha. Therefore this day is remembered as the day of their Forefather’s birthday and thus carries a unique and noteworthy significance for the descendants of Maharaja Agrasen.

Why is Agarawala Jayanti fortunate for Baniyas?

Agrasen Jayanti4

Legends say that Maharaja had involved himself in a very harsh and austere penance to solicit the blessings for the opulence and splendor of his kingdom. And due to his hard penance, Goddesses ‘Laxmi’ appeared and asked him to settle a new kingdom by establishing a ‘Veer Bhoomi’ for Agarwala community. Later on, the Agarawala people were able to set their Businesses as their main profession and continue to flourish even to this day. People say that the Agarawala community is way too sterling and praiseworthy in trading as well as buying goods and services. And Agarwala communities are still following the tradition of business implicitly and explicitly.

According to Hindu Mythology, Agarwal Jayanti day is highly appraised for businessmen and thus considered very auspicious for starting a new business venture for Baniyas.

Know how Agarawala Populence make this Occasion a way Special!

Agrasen Jayanti5


Jollification goes on for a day and Agarawala people keep on celebrating this day with devotion and dedication across the globe. Maharaja Agrasen is worshipped with a set of rituals along with Goddess ‘Laxmi’. Devotees offer prayers and chant Agarsena Aarti along with Shells, Bells, and Instruments with a great zeal. Agarwala folks designed and framed Agrasen deity with clays and POPs and worship the lord while offering Garlands, Sweets, Flowers and Water. They also display various images in different areas by forming Pandals. And also visit the temples of their respective ‘Kuldevi’ to seek her blessings for peace and prosperity.

We can see the Glimpses of devotees carcades in honor of Maharaja Agrasen and his families at various places. The Glances of various social welfare activities and Cultural programs and functions based on the life of Maharaja Agrasen are also organized which make the day more splendid. People also arrange free food distributions and medical camps for poverty stricken and necessitous in villages and townships.

Agrasen Jayanti6

Undoubtedly Devotees do a lot to make this occasion a way special and notable throughout the day. This day is basically celebrated by Vaishy community among Agrahari, Jains, and Agarawalas around the world with full devotions. Decedents spread a message of Equality, Peace, Communalism, and brotherhood among folks.

Know more about Maharaj Agrasen from WIKI.


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