The story which every Agarwal should know.

Agroha – the native land of the very famous Banyas, is quite unique in its mythology. Their rituals and customs are one among all and have beautiful sets of beliefs behind their formation. Let’s have a look into the history of the great ‘Agroha community’.

How the kingdom of Agroha came into existence?

The Messenger of Peace, king Agrasena after the adherent Penances traveled all over India with his queen – Madhavi to find a suitable place to establish a new kingdom of their own. While traveling to one beautiful place, he found a herd of few tiger cubs and wolf cubs playing together. This was a propitious indication that the area was Veerabhoomi (land of the brave) to King Agrasena and Queen Madhavi and they decided to establish their new kingdom at that particular location. Later on, with their mutual understanding, the place was named Agroha.

Where is the land of Agroha

It was situated about 20 Km’s North-West of the City of Hissar in the State of Haryana in India. Presently Agroha is developing as Agrawala’s holy station and is about 2.5 Km from the old City whereas Old ‘Agroha’ was once a very thriving city, under the leadership of king Agrasena.

It was the Republican State consisting of 18 state units. The residents of these states were known as ‘Yodhya’ and ‘Agraya’. A Few of Agroha Scriptures, written on the coins and found through the Excavation, are as follows –

  • Yodhyanam Bahu Dhanya Kanam
  • Yodhya Ganasya Jaya
  • Yodhyanam Jaimantra Shalinam.

The never before progressive ritual!

Agroha : The Native Land of Baniya

Legends say that The king of Agroha (29.20 N 75.38 E), Agrasena established a unique tradition in the city to maintain its prosperity that whenever an immigrant will turn up to be settled in Agroha Dynasty, every dweller of the city will have to help him by offering a brick to build a house and one rupee coin to start a new business for the sake of his livelihood.  Thus, the king set a fine model of community help which resulted into the profitability of this kingdom.

With the advent of time, The Brave Agroha republic further segregated into various provinces in India such as – Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Malwa due to the Attack of the foreign Invaders.



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