Vaishya Community: A Path Towards Business

The great king Agrasena was extremely calm, humble and tranquil in nature hence gave a name – ‘Messenger of Peace’ by his Followers and Devotees. He also known as discoverer of Vaishya community. He was one of the gentle Kings of ancient times and well known for his non-violence behavior among folks. Emperor Agrasena was an incarnation of Solicitude, goodwill, and opulence.

King Ballabh of Pratapnagar was the Father of Maharaja Agrasena and was the eldest Son. Agrasena was a true Communism and famous for his warrior-skills and brilliance. There was a saying that, After Maharaja’s birth, some Astrologers predicted from his ‘JanamKundli’ that this boy will have a unique place of his own and will guide the Vaishya community towards a new direction.

The Leader of Agroha Republican States

Vaishya community - Say No To Brutality and Slaughter

Maharaja Agrasena was born 5085 years ago and he ruled for 5000 years back over Agroha. Agroha had 18 States units and the Dwellers of these 18 States were called as Yodhya and Agraya.As per the Hindu Mythology, King Agrasena was the one who took initiative to start the Republican state of Agroha. The city was situated 20 km away from Hissar City (Haryana) and 190 km from Delhi (India).

Maharaja Agrasena was famous for conducting Havanas and Yagnas for his people’s prosperity and welfare. The rituals are basically a symbol of Wealth and Success.

Agrasena – Incarnation of Solicitude

Vaishya community - Say No To Brutality and Slaughter

Once Maharaja Agrasena was performing a Yagna at his Court. For the sacrificial ceremony, a Horse has been brought to Maharaja’s Yagna Solemn Ceremony. The horse was screaming in pain as he has been tied up with a long rope for the next Yagna ritual. Agrasena got little distracted and felt pity for him. Meanwhile, Maharaja asked his Mantri to let him go and himself gave a second thought that no affluence one will get after his sacrifice.

King immediately wanted to take a decision along with his Ministers. However Ministers denied for this as they thought. This action will be a sign of infirmity and weakness for the neighboring countries. Thus they might consider us a fragile warrior which can lead into Failure of Agroha Kingdom.

Maharaja concluded at this- Putting a halt to brutality and ferity is never an indication to fragility. He then manifested and announced officially in his court that by now everybody will say no to brutality to the animals and slaughtering should not be done in his kingdom – Agroha at any cost.


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