Language to be the recognized as an official and National language.

Agarwals are predominantly Hindus. Agarwala People have marwadi as their Native and Official Language.  Agarwala or Aggarwala is basically a community that has been found and can be seen throughout Northern India mostly. The States Cover Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Agarwala Community also includes Khandelwalas, Maheshwaris, and Oswals.
Marwadi- Is This Only Rajasthani Folk's Language?

Ideally, Hinduism is their religion and most of the Agarwalas follow this religion only. However, some of them are ‘Jains’ also. In India, Agarwala people are well-known for their Business Minds and Sharp economics Deals.As suggested by their Ancestors, they have been settled in this Business field many years’ backs. Apparently, they have been very popular and prosperous in India since long. People from other communities highly admired these business icons for their wisdom and intelligence. Agarwalas are a large and influential community in India.

Marwadi is basically a Rajasthani Language originated from the Native Towns and Villages of Old Rajasthan. This language has been spoken among the Rajasthani Baniyas and Agarwalas. Baniya People from Gujarat and Haryana also use this language in their daily lives.

Large and influential community in India.

Marwadi- Is This Only Rajasthani Folk's Language?

Baniyas are still struggling to make their language a scheduled status among society and other communities .As this language have no current official status with respect to education and government. Agarwala people continuously forcing national government to accept this language as one of the official and national languages in India.

In Eastern Pakistan, We can find two varieties of Marwadi. They may or may not be close enough to Indian Marwadi. However; they are considered as Marwadi Baniyas in Pakistan and usually, speak the same language. And In Pakistan Marwadi is basically a modified version of the Arabic Alphabet.

Where do Marwadi speakers reside?

Marwadi- Is This Only Rajasthani Folk's Language?

Marwadi is popularly written in Devanagari script in Hindi, Marathi, Nepali and Sanskrit languages. Although it was historically written in ‘Mahajani’ during the Maharaja Agrasena Kingdom.

Speakers of this language are found in Bhopal, Bikaner and are concentrated in Sindh. However, Most Speakers reside in Rajasthan State. More than 13.2 million speakers have two dozen Marwadi vernaculars in 2017.And approx 13 million in India and 200,000 in Pakistan during 1997.


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