Take the opportunity to take pride by making your kid famous as a SUPER MYTHO KID.

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1: Grab your kid & record a video clip of the cute and naughty activities he/she does which should be related to mythology, chants or mantras.
2: The baby can be seen chanting some Mantra, Shloka or aartis or may be saying some mythological story. He can also enact some God or mythological character. He can perform a prayer, havan or puja.
3: Join the group to share your video with us. Along with the video share your Name, Email ID, age of the kid as well.
4: We will select the best 10 and they will be awarded prizes upto 1 Lakh. The best Kid will be crowned as the ‘SUPER MYTHO KID’ and will be our brand ambassador.

Top 10 winners would get exciting prizes upto INR 1 Lakhs.

Top winner would be crowned as the
‘SUPER MYTHO KID’ and would get a chance
to be our brand ambassador.

The Super Mytho kid would also get a free photo-shoot from a professional.

Terms & Conditions

1: Kid featured in the video should be between 1 to 10 years of age group.
2: The video should not be more than 10 minutes.
3: It should be related to mythology or spiritualism only.
4: Contestants need to share the video in the whatsapp group only (As we do not want your content to be misused)
5: Providing Name, Email ID and age of the kid along with the video is mandatory
6: Winners will be announced on the eve of ‘International Children’s day’ in 9th December.
7: Winners will be rewarded with a photo shoot of their kid and a chance to be our brand ambassador. Winners will also get exciting cash prizes and vouchers.
8: Explicit content is strictly prohibited and would be a punishable offense.