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Sindhu Darshan Festival

Sindu-Darshan Festival: A Tribute to our Indian- Heroes through Indus

Sindu- Darshan Festival is one of a kind festival, celebrated on the banks of the River- Indus, also known as the Sindhu River. It is remarked as a special festival at Shey Manla which is situated 8 kilometres away from the main city of Leh city in the states of Jammu & Kashmir. Sindu-Darshan Festival is observed for three long days on the full moon night in the month of June from 12th to 14th every year. This is commemorated to pay tribute to our Indian Soldiers (Heroes) who keep our nation safe by standing all day-night on the distant borders to protect our country.

In respect of River- Indus (Sindhu) which represents a symbol of unity of India is purposely solemnized to showcase the diverse culture, unalloyed euphony and tranquil unity among Indians.

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