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Akshaya Navami, Date, Puja Vidhi & Story

It is believed that there are many festivals in the month of Kartik. You must have often seen that people of different regions celebrate festivals in their own style. Please tell us that auspicious works start from Diwali itself. People celebrate holidays with their whole family from Diwali itself after Diwali people go out for a picnic with their family. This festival is known by two names, one is Akshay Navami and the other is Amla Navami. It is said that on this day Lord Krishna left the streets of Vrindavan Gokul and came to Mathura. On this day the circumambulation of Vrindavan is started. Also, all the women who are there worship Amla Navami with complete rituals. It is believed that this puja is performed for getting children and family comforts.

Akshaya Navami 2021 Date

Amla Navami or Akshaya Navami is celebrated on Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. This festival comes after the Diwali festival. In the year 2021, Akshaya Navami falls on Friday, 12 November.

Akshaya Navami Worship Material

This fast is observed by the women of the house for getting children and for the happiness of the family. Nowadays this puja is done in the form of a picnic with the whole family and friends.

- Amla plant leaves and fruits, Basil leaves, and plants

- urn and water

- Kumkum, turmeric, vermilion, abir, gulal, rice, coconut, cotton thread

- Dup, lamp, match

- Makeup Accessories, Saree Blouse grain for charity

Puja Vidhi for Akshay Navami

- Women wake up early, take a bath and wear clean clothes.

- On this day the Amla tree is worshipped, and food is eaten near it. So on this day, the whole family plans a picnic at a place where there is an Amla tree.

- Many people plan this festival with their friends, club people, and go to any farmhouse or picnic spot.

- The whole family does not go, even then women celebrate this day with great pomp with their friends and family.

- Those who do not go out anywhere, worship it near the small plant of Amla in the house and then eat food.

- It becomes a picnic for the whole family, in which the women take food from home or cook it together.

- Amla tree is worshiped, its circumambulation has special significance.

- Milk is offered to the Amla tree and worship is done with the full method.

- Adornment items and clothes are donated to a poor Suhagan or Brahmin Pandit.

- On this day, the charity has a special significance, donating grains to the poor as per their wish.

- It is circumambulated with a white or red molly thread. Women circumambulate 8 or 108 times according to themselves. 8 or even 108 things are offered in this circumambulation. In this, women choose any item like bindi, toffee, bangle, Mehandi, vermilion, etc, and offer it to the amla tree.

- After this, this item is given to every married woman by putting a tiki.

- Then everyone sits together and listens to the story, and sits down to eat.

- On this day, it is considered good to donate honey, food, and money to a Brahmin woman.

- Nowadays, Amla Navami Puja is organized in many big gardens. All the women along with the whole family gather in the garden to worship and together they all have food. Play many games and complete the Amla worship with enthusiasm by singing bhajans and songs.

Akshay Navami Worship Story

A businessman and his wife used to live in Kashi. They did not have any children. Due to which the wife of the businessman used to be very sad and also became very irritable. Once upon a time, someone told him one day and said that if he wants a child, then he himself should sacrifice a living child in front of Bhairav ​​Baba. By doing this a child will be obtained. She told this to her husband, but the husband did not like it. The wife was so tied in her desire to have children that she could not understand anything about good and bad. Even after her husband's refusal, she sacrificed a child one day in front of Baba, as a result of which she got many diseases. Seeing this condition, the merchant's wife used to be very upset. His wife told that he sacrificed a child. Because of that, all this is happening. Hearing this, the merchant got very angry and advised him to take a bath in the Ganges to get rid of this sin and pray with a sincere heart. The merchant's wife did the same. Bathed in the Ganges for several days and worshiped on the banks with full devotion. Pleased with this, Mother Ganga appeared to the merchant's wife in the form of an old woman and said that in order to remove all the disorders of her body, she would fast for Amla in Vrindavan on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. All the troubles will go away. Since then the businessman's wife worshiped with great rituals and all the troubles of his body were removed. He has a beautiful body. Along with this, he also got a son. Since then, women keep the fast of Amla Navami with the desire to have children.

Importance Of Akshay Navami

According to mythological belief, Lord Vishnu used to stay on the gooseberry tree from Navami of Kartik Shukla Paksha to Kartik Purnima. Since then, on the day of Akshaya Navami, he is worshiped for the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Let us tell you that by keeping this fast and worshiping the gooseberry tree, people get renewable fruits. It is believed that on this day the tradition of bathing, worshiping, and donating is also going on. Since then Akshaya Navami is celebrated.

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