Astrological significance of Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti – The harvest festival not only holds religious significance but also is of great scientific importance. This is the day when Sun begins its movement away from the tropic of Capricorn and towards the northern hemisphere. Sun will start appearing to rise towards North-East for next 6 months. Sun will start rising and setting slightly towards North-East and North-West respectively from this day hence this period of next 6 months is called Uttarayan. The remaining 6 months are termed as dakshinayan which means south movement of sun

The Best Muhurat on Makar Sankranti would fall on

Punya Kaal Muhurta on Makar Sankranti starts by 07:15 till 12:30. The duration is 5 Hours 14 Minutes in totality. On the day of Mahapunya Kaal Muhurta, the puja timings would begin by 07:15 and end by 09:15. The Duration is 2 Hours. The Sankranti Moment is- 19:44.

This day is considered highly auspicious both Astrologically and Astronomically.

Astrological Significance of Makar Sankranti

- This day marks a significant effect on everybody’s personal lives depending on their Zodiac signs.
-  All rituals should be done after Sunrise on same day and completed before noon.
- This is the best time to take bath early morning, offer water to Sun, sit alone and meditate on what has been bothering your mind and body since past 6 months.

- This is also the best time to spend at a peaceful place and recite Gayatri Mantra in silence.

Sun and Saturn are believed to be detrimental planets in the universe.  They are even said to be the most dangerous and antagonistic celestial bodies and supposed to have positive and negative influences on people on Earth. On the occasion of Maakar Sankranti, Sun successfully invades inside the house of Saturn who is better known to be the Lord of Capricorn sign. Sun also remains in Saturn’s house for a month or so with his dear son. On account of it, Sun forgets its annoyance and pique towards Saturn and later tries to maintain a healthy relation for Saturn and others.

During this phase, it shows that even Sun forgets its anger and discontent and behaves joyfully with everyone. Therefore be like Sun by this illustrious festival and spread cheerfulness and joy among all for a happy and prosperous life ahead.

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