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Bagalamukhi Jayanti Stories, Rituals & Significance

Bagalamukhi Jayanti is the day dedicated to the goddess Bagalamukhi Mata on the 8th day of Shukla Ashtami on the month of Vaisakh every year. Devotees of Bagalamukhi Mata worship her to the fullest as the goddess resembles occult powers to control individuals’ minds. The goddess has different names and is mostly known as Pitambara Devi. Wonder why? Because her deity is of golden color, and most devotees believe that her favorite color is yellow. Moreover, her deity is shown sitting on a golden throne (Swarna Simhasanam). 

Bagalamukhi Jayanti 2021 Dates

Baglamukhi Jayanthi is dedicated to the powerful goddess who can destroy enemies in an instant. In the year 2021 Thursday, 20 May.


On Bagalamukhi Jayanti day, puja vidhi is an integral part of devotees who follow Bagalamukhi Mata. It is vital to know why people worship Pitambara Devi. It is considered that her shraddha protects her from any bad or negative events like accidents and negative energies on her followers. To gain powers and get relief from any hurdles of life, people worship her to the fullest. Due to these reasons, she is also called the most powerful Mahavidya Goddess.

There are certain norms and vidhis to worship Bagalamukhi maa. Make sure to take flowers of yellow colors as it is her soul to soul color before chanting mantras. While chanting, place a picture of the goddess or her deity and then place the flowers. Note: Ideal count for chanting mantras is 1,25,000 times. For reciting the mantra, take a book of the goddess resembling her and worship from the bottom of your heart and soul. Wondering what will be the best time to chant the mantras? Well, early morning will be best after taking a bath and remember to carry a rosary while chanting the mantras.


Many followers of Baglamukhi Maa are attracted to her mythology and Katha’s (stories) of her life. One of the most popular stories of her tells the viewers that Lord Brahma meditates and follows her when creation falls into turmoil and to control the universe and people as he is known as the creator of the world. Not only that, but she also destroyed demons to protect the universe and can be called best at “Dushmano ka Sarvanash Karna!” (Destroyer of the enemies) with her powers. She destroyed demons like Ruru and Durgram. Other Gods also worshipped her to gain control over the enemies and demons for the good of all.


By following the path of the Divine Mother, you will gain lots of positive energies. The devotees get benefits of self-realization and enlightenment after worshiping her on Bagalamukhi Jayanti and also get free from all evil in life by getting free from the cycle of birth and death. By worshipping every year on this day, one can easily be free from negative energies and gain confidence, fearlessness, and courage. In the legal profession also people get immense help and the academic life of students also improves. Significantly, the term Bagalamukhi is derived from the word. Bagla meaning the saddle which controls the horse and also known as Brahmastra Roopini. For a strong and powerful life, worshiping the god of power is the best for any devotees who are suffering from evils and hurdles. To conclude, make sure the mantras you are chanting are relevant and powerful enough to gain the good energies from the divine mother. Last but not the least, Bagalamukhi Gayatri and Bagalamukhi Mool mantra are the most important mantras for every worshiper.

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