Baisakhi Mela

Punjabis do rejoice the best way! Their rituals and traditions are worth watching and attending as well. Among all their pompous celebrations, Baisakhi mela is something about which you should know for sure. On this occasion one can find vivid and vibrant colours of rural Punjab. Happy with the harvest and the ensuing prosperity, men and women dress themselves in their fanciest clothes and participate in the Baisakhi fair with joy and gusto. Various activities have been incorporated in Baisakhi fairs to give people a chance to let their hair loose and enjoy the spirit of life and inner freedom.

Activities Done in Baisakhi Mela

This is a very popular festival in Northern India. In this the entire family participates and get involved in different activities. Most fascinating features of Baisakhi Mela are bhangra and gidda performances which are the local dance of the punjabi’s. Other activities that entice people are races, wrestling bouts, singing and acrobatics. Majority of them also enjoy the cultural festivals by famous singers who sing and play folk instruments, such as vanjli and algoza.

The mela is highly enticing as it features many stalls which sell beautiful stuffs. Food stalls are also a major crowd-puller in a Baisakhi Mela. Baisakhi Fairs is marked of Talwandi Sabo. Here, Guru Gobind Singh stayed for nine months and completed the recompilation of the Guru Granth Sahib. The mela was also started by the approval and will of Guru Gobind Singh.

Occasion and place to observe Baisakhi Mela

Baisakhi mela is observed all over the world with a lot of enjoyment. It’s not just Punjab which dances to the beats of Punjabi rhythm, but many do this as well. Huge Sikhs Diaspora in countries around the world has made Baisakhi Melas globally popular. Thanks to a significant Sikh population in UK, Vaisakhi Fairs are organized with gusto at Trafalgar Square in London. High level of energy and enthusiasm in Baisakhi fairs pulls towards itself people of other communities and religions. Baisakhi celebrations of Toronto, New York and New Jersey are quite popular. Presence of popular Indian cine stars and singers add more excitement to Baisakhi Fairs organized in foreign countries. Energetic Bhangra and Gidda performance and the very tasteful Punjabi cuisine have helped Baisakhi make its mark in the international scene.

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