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Bhanu Saptami 2021: Date, Significance & Rituals

Bhanu Saptami is dedicated to the worship of Lord Surya. It is observed on Shukla paksha Saptami that falls on a Sunday. This day is also called Surya Saptami or Vyavasvathma Saptami. Bhanu is one of the several names of the sun god. The worship of the sun god on Bhanu Saptami brings good health, longevity, and wealth. It is believed that those who observe this vrat shall never succumb to deadly sicknesses all through their lives.

Bhanu Saptami 2021 Date

In 2021, Bhanu Saptami falls on March 21, August 15, August 29, and December 26. This day holds a lot of importance in Hinduism as according to traditional beliefs, on the eve of this holy day Lord Surya made his first appearance on the chariot pulled by seven horses.

Bhanu Saptami

Rituals of Bhanu Saptami

- Devotees should water Surya and chant The Gayatri Mantra on this day. There should be Red Flowers, black sesame seeds, jaggery, and rice mixed with the water.
- Devotees should offer the water to Lord Surya looking towards the east. Even if the sun cannot be seen while performing the ritual one should still look towards the east and perform the ritual.
- While performing the ritual in the morning the devotees should wear red clothes.

Bhanu Saptami Significance

Deemed as the king of all planets, lord Surya is celebrated on this day and is significant in Hindu mythology. It is believed that his arrival brought life to the planet. He is the source of all energy on this earth. The seven rays of the sun are denoted by the seven Horses of the Golden Chariot. The charioteer of Lord Surya is Aruna and he protects the earth from the scorching heat of the Sun. Considered the creator of all beings, lord Surya is also called the lord of health.

Devotees on this day perform a Mahabhishek after the sun rays fall on the Surya Yantra. It is believed by people that one who worships the Sun God on this day is blessed with good health, vitality, wealth, and longevity.

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